What Are the Advantages of Vaulted Ceilings?

Have you heard contractors describing an area of a building as “high ceiling”, “raised ceiling”, “cathedral ceiling”, or “vaulted ceiling”? You can typically find it in the family room, master bedroom, great room, or in the home’s foyer.

The ceiling extends like an arch to the center of the roof from the wall. As a result, it creates a volume of space at the top. You could visit https://www.truoba.com/ to see how vaulted ceilings are currently used in modern homes.

What Is a Vaulted Ceiling?

According to architectural terms, it is an arch that is self-supporting, rising above the walls and underneath a roof. We can trace some of the earliest vaulted ceilings to a Neolithic settlement in Crete. They were built around 7000 years ago.

After that time, across different ages, people have adopted the pattern, though mostly in Gothic cathedrals and domed spaces such as Pantheon, Rome. The different vault styles include fan, rib, groin, and barrel. They add enhanced design, richness, sophistication, and beauty to a building.

With respect to contemporary homes, vaulted ceilings have derived another definition. Any ceiling that goes higher than 8 inches to 10 inches, which is the standard ceiling height, is referred to as a vault.

While this may be similar to the original definition in architecture, there is a notable difference: they do not need to have an arch; they can follow the roofline and make a triangle. However, this style is the cathedral ceiling pattern. It typically mirrors the structure of the roof, having sloping sides that intersect at a center ridge. Most people currently use “vaulted” and “cathedral” interchangeably.

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Benefits of Using Vaulted Ceilings

These ceilings have various advantages because they provide an airy feeling around the home, making it look more imposing than it appears physically. Below are some benefits of installing vaulted ceilings in your building.

1. Enhanced Appearance

Without doubts, these ceilings endow a room with splendor. The appearance of their high point at the center combined with their sloping roofing line renders the same ambiance you would get in ski lodges.

If you reside in a place with dramatic views, the increase in window space will enhance the beautiful exterior scenery. And this brings the sensation that you are surrounded by so much natural beauty.

2. Increased Space

They make a space appear larger than it actually is. Although the increase in space is in the overhead, the experience is manipulated to make you think there is additional footage. When you combine this structure with the open floor building plan, you will integrate a living and kitchen space that could cater to family gatherings and parties.

Also, when you add a groove and tongue ceiling, it could dampen the large space element, giving your home a comfortable feel that does not remove its grandeur.

3. Increased Light

This is by far the most important feature of vaulted ceilings. It allows a lot of natural light to stream into a building. This is made possible when you incorporate multiple doors and windows on the gable walls. During the winter season, the house will remain warm, thereby, reducing the effects of the season on the health of your household. The afternoon sunshine will radiate in and provide sufficient heat that will linger until after sundown.

4. Green Building Option

The construction of this ceiling is not necessarily a green building alternative. However, when it is correctly constructed, the technique could help you save money and energy. When the ends of the gable walls are built to face the west or south, the building will be able to gather enough natural light. And this will transmit heat to the interior.

Also, companies that manufacture alternative materials for the building have come up with paneled walls. These walls are specially for constructing cathedral ceilings. They save money and time while providing improved insulation and decreased energy loss.

Vaulted Ceilings vs Standard Constructions

From the viewpoint of building new homes, vaulted ceilings are as complicated as standard constructions, where the building is fitted with 2 full stories. However, it increases the construction costs by five to twenty percent.

Additionally, the ceiling pattern reduces the portion of livable floor space within the building. Because the second story would reduce greatly in size, the floor space could be reduced by twenty to fifty percent depending on the wideness of the room that will have the vault.

Are Vaulted Ceilings Suitable for Your Home?

Vaulted ceilings could be suitable for your home if the interior style matches the vaulted look. Also, you have to decide if you’re willing to handle the difficult aspects of the style such as cost of maintenance, high energy cost, and draftiness during winter that comes with the bright and spacious feel.

It is important to understand the implication of your roofing style when you are giving directions to the contractor. Hence, consulting a professional in the field of real estate will determine if vaulted ceilings could increase the value of your home when you want to sell it.


The advantages of vaulted ceilings are numerous, but it depends on what you want. So, before you choose your ceiling style, ensure you consult a realtor to know the potential it holds in terms of the selling price.