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What are the best aesthetic treatments and pigmentation removal techniques nowadays?

A trend that is up and coming in Singapore over the last 5 years is medical aesthetics. Once averted and often mentioned about in private, there are now social media stars dedicating entire blogs or FB to photos about their rhinoplasty journey. With the increased acceptance as well as the sincere openness of cosmetic enhancements in Asia, modern studies are showing a mainstream acknowledgement for aesthetic treatments in Singapore. Another explanation behind the beauty scene’s rapid growth in acceptance came partly from the breakthroughs of medical tech, allowing clinics to deliver improved outcomes with less suffering and more rapid treatments. Singapore’s doctors and beauty landscape are finally catching up with the aesthetic scene of Korea – known to be the mecca of beauty.

Breast Enlargement Operation

A shapely breast of an ample size has always been a sign of attractiveness. Ladies with larger, more firm chests feel more assured to show off their bodies at the pool and older women seek methods to lift their droopy boobs. There exists quite a number methods available in Singapore which can help to enlargement a lady’s chest size. Quite a number of well known doctors recommend using silicone implants. This is a rather complicated procedure and will produce a scarring as a result of the deep cut, which is largely hidden below the fold of the breasts. This is not your everyday typical aesthetic treatment, which is why only fully trained plastic specialists in Singapore are qualified to perform the surgery. Singapore has clear cut and tight rules maintained by medical authorities to regulate plastic surgery. Breast augmentation is usually expensively and surgeons charge a minimum of 13K SGD. Because of all the expenses and materials required, most likely the operation will cost you up to $23,000.

Pico lasers

Picolasers belong to a special class of lasers with the ability to deliver laser energy under very tiny burst durations measured in picoseconds (1 trillionth of a second).  It is common for picosecond lasers employed to be excellent in treating any form of pigmentation issues, but the wide applicability of pico lasers allow doctors to fully utilize them in a plethora of procedures, take for example, skin toning. Many patients in Singapore who suffer from pigmentation issues, such as freckles and even darkened genitalia may benefit from using different types of picolasers.

When a doctor uses the pico laser to perform treatments, pulses of laser energies are aimed at the clusters of pigments in the skin. This blasts the pigmented cells into tiny fragments. Your body will then cleanse these bits and pieces of pigmentation away naturally. The picolaser is not a toy, as it is can be very powerful when used correctly. This has led the Ministry of Health to designate it a regulated treatment that only recognised doctors may perform within Singapore. Picosecond laser treatments won’t take more than sixty minutes out of your day. Light redness may be seen at the vicinity of the site of the procedure and can last a few hours. Pico laser treatments will set you back around $450, but differences may be observed as each of the clinics may have set their unique pricing structure.

Cure Pigmentation

As our bodies age, our layers of skin lose tautness, brightness and starts to have dark-coloured regions that were not there before. In Singapore, it is not uncommon for quite a number of us to have conditions with skin pigmentation at least once in their lives. Where you are unprotected from the hot and damaging sunshine, we let the exposed area of the skin to get damaged by ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that the most common areas vulnerable to pigmentation is the front of the face, brows, forehead. Various pigmentation conditions can occur or can form because of numerous reasons. Only a fully trained medical practitioner or skin doctor is able to accurately tell what variant of pigmentation you are suffering from. Pigmentation can form after inflammation or swelling, due to causes like pimples, or chicken pox. These kinds of pigmentation are collectively known as post-inflammatory pigmentation (PIH).

Many clinics in Singapore offer pigmentation treatment. Some clinics are even specialized in specifically pigmentation removal treatments, such as One Face Clinic. The doctor there has written a great guide on the matter and it is perfect reading to any local aesthetic enthusiast.

With regards to effective pigmentation treatment, the doctor wielding the laser must first precisely diagnose the reason behind pigmentation development and also the specific type of condition before he or she can treat it successfully. It is useless to blindly treat pigmentation issues. Such a thing as misdiagnosis can happen very commonly as many of these conditions are very similar. Studies have indicated evidence that mistreatment of pigmentation issues can result in a severe worsening of symptoms. Due to this, it is common to ask for different diagnoses on the pigmentation you are wanting to fix, before embarking on any specially formulated course of treatment.

Pimple Scar Treatment

The same person can even show many different types of scars, and each different type of scarring comes with its own optimal treatment method. “Acne scars” — a straightfoward name to describe a situation that affects a huge amount of the persons around the world, acne scars are permanent points of where the skin dips or may show as develops uneven bumps in the skin, formed after a bout of acne. Additionally, the difficulty of variables considered during the treatment is compounded because each and every individual’s skin contains unique characteristics that could potentially affect the desired result of the treatment. Acne scars when compared, can be very different. Multiple types can appear on the same patch of skin, and each different type of scarring has a specialised treatment method. This can be even more tricky for teenagers – go here to read more.

It should be made known that the numerous types of acne scars are different. Because of this reason, each type of scar will react differently when subjected to the same treatment. The proper way to resolve acne scars is for the specialist to, for a start, determine the every types of scars the individual has before designing a bespoke combination treatment method. Consult a few opinions from reliable aesthetic clinics and cross reference what every doctor suggests for treatment. Quite a few different treatment plans put together lasers, subcision, RF needling and other treatments into 1 extensive strategy. Cost of acne scar healing ranges in correlation to the type(s) of treatment given by your skin doctor, with topical application creams being the cheapest and laser packages at the top of the range, costing as much as $3,000 for a complete treatment package.