What Are the Characteristics of Bad Low-Quality Weed?

Weed is like pizza – even if it isn’t the best in the world, it’s still pretty okayish most of the time. But how do you tell which weed is good and which is garbage? With more and more people looking to buy weed online, quality control is a bit lacking in today’s cannabis culture. Well, we are here to help you become a weed expert and decipher if you’re smoking high-quality kush or oregano tasting trash.

Below, we’ll cover everything there is to know about weed classification, including our unique system, and we’ll provide a couple of things any good weed should have.

Classifying Weed | The F.G.D.O.B.T. System

To help put weed into perspective, we have the F.G.D.O.B.T. system. Remember, classification is essential if you want to make sure that you’re always getting the best weed possible.


Fantastic weed doesn’t exist. That’s the ideal that all weed strives to become. It’s rich in taste, burns for an adequate amount of time, and has all the beneficial properties that weed should have. If you’re always looking for fantastic weed, chances are you’ll be disappointed more often than not.


Good weed is available all across the world. It has solid properties, comes from a reputable farm, and provides everything a good grade weed should. This kind of weed is usually labeled as medicinal marijuana. This is the kind of weed that you should look for in a store.


Decent weed is just like good weed, but it lacks that special something. Decent weed is not bad, but it isn’t great either. It’s what you would get to wind down after a long day of work.


Sadly, okay weed is more common than any other type. It’s just barely consumable, and it’s the thing you get on the low at the local dispensary. If possible, you should opt for a more quality choice, as it’s usually not that much more expensive.


Bad weed is simply bad. There’s something fundamentally wrong with it. It either tastes vile, or it burns like paper. Don’t buy bad weed at any cost.


Terrible weed doesn’t have something fundamentally wrong with it. It has everything wrong with it. It’s Marijuana that tastes bad, burns too fast and makes you cough your lungs out when you smoke it. Chances are, it isn’t even 100% weed.

How to Define the Quality of Weed

While the F.G.D.O.B.T. system is very useful for classifying weed, you’ll still need some firsthand experience before you can use it. Finding out if weed is good or bad is tricky, especially if you’re a newcomer to the world of cannabis. We’ll list the positive and negative traits of weed below to help you get a better perspective.

The traits of high-quality Marijuana

The first thing that good weed has is a vibrant, natural color. Most good weed has a rich color that isn’t gray at all. Aside from the color, the feel is also going to be different. While good weed shouldn’t be wet, it should be moist enough that it doesn’t crumble into dust when you put pressure on it.

Good weed is also going to produce a fat smoke, as it’s rich in oil. It should taste potent but not overly strong. Another quintessential trait of good weed is that it’s all weed. It shouldn’t contain any seeds or stems, or at least as little as possible, and it shouldn’t be cut either. People include stems, seeds, and other dried herbs to augment the weight, ruining its flavor, texture, and effect.

The traits of low-quality Marijuana

Low-quality bud is the dread of any cannabis connoisseur. It’s dry, full of things that aren’t weed, and tastes like ground-up dirt. Low-quality weed is usually grayish, pale in color, and is very dry to the touch. It doesn’t crumble – it turns into fine dust when you try to roll it up.

Bad weed also smells terrible. There are no notes of marijuana whatsoever, only poor quality smoke. It smells harsh, cough-inducing, and earthy to an undesirable extent.

Lastly, the effect of low-quality weed is lacking at best, as the T.H.C. content is very low. It’s too mild, making you consume more of it, which might cause a headache. Not even His Dudeness could save this bouji brown.

Final Thoughts

Weed can be good, okayish, and even terrible – and with the tips above, we’re sure you’ll be able to tell the difference simply by looking at it. With weed becoming a booming eCommerce business, you can’t return it to the store once you’ve purchased it, so make sure to purchase wisely and remember the F.G.D.O.B.T. system!