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Almost everyone in the current era is aware of the popularity of Bitcoin. The digital coin introduced back in 2009, has given a new dimension to the financial world with its decentralized mode of transactions. It was the first cryptocurrency to launch the electronic cash system and hence grabbed a lot of eyeballs investing ample amount of time researching in Bitcoin.

Journey of Bitcoin

Bitcoin since its invention is leading the cryptocurrency world with its high returns. Many other crypto coins like Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, etc have also gained popularity over the years but unable to perform like Bitcoin.

It has been the most user-friendly crypto coin that anyone can trade easily at all exchanges. It has got some its authenticated exchanges like Coin base, Binance, eToro,, etc. You can check out exchange official sites to know more on trading software.

Bitcoin showed a significant growth till 2017, but from the latter part of the year to 2018, it had a major crash down. While Bitcoin is trying to pick up its pace this year, the question is what can be the next big thing after Bitcoin?

Next big things in the crypto world

1) Etherum

This is one of the finest competitors of Bitcoin. In a few aspects, it is also considered superior to Bitcoin. In the first quarter of 2019, the price of Etherum started at $102 and ended at $140. In the second quarter, the price soared to $177 with a 27% full boost. From a slight dip of $155, it came around $180 in the first week to the recent price rate of $263.97. The performance is not excellent but quite stable so far yet in 2019. Apart from crypto trading, Etherum is also used for D-apps and Smart Contracts development.  So, it can be the next big thing after Bitcoin.

2) Stablecoin

Stablecoins have their value associated with real-time assets like any commodities, gold or fiat currency. It comes in two forms- The Reserve backed and Algorithmic. The Reserve backed coins are backed by 1 to 1 reserves of their associated currency. You can exchange it with fiat currencies in 1 to1 basis and store in bank. The Algorithmic Stablecoins are still under development and are currently few in number. Stable coins can also be redeemed. So, basically, it is a new crypto coin with better security.

3) Blockchain Improvements

Blockchain operated Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies itself is in the way to many improvements. While the Danish shipping giant Maersk is testing it to keep track of cargo ports; Walmart is implementing it in its tracker system to identify each stop a product reaches while coming to the store; Financial companies are testing it for interbank money transfers and creating stock trades platforms; aircraft makers are trying to utilize it for identifying the disparate jet parts; and many other big and small improvements.

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