What Are the Pros and Cons of Telehealth

ERBIS as the modern software developing company emphasizes the importance of telehealth for all layers of society. Telehealth has been more prevalent nowadays since many countries are forced to embrace this technology due to the outbreak which takes place in many countries. But the application of the ERBIS telehealth is not a new thing. It has been a prevalent option even long before the outbreak happened. The telehealth has brought tons of benefits for most of the patients. It can reach out to all of the patients around the world, regardless of distance or their current location.

There are sensible reasons why one must embrace the existence of telehealth.

Telehealth overview

Telehealth is a broad term which comes with the health services which are the means of telecommunications to interact with each other. If you are thinking about the telephone alerts regarding the disease outbreaks, then your guesses are so right. In a nutshell, it is a health services which use the telecommunications to help the patients. According to Erbis software engineering company, the variables are spectrum from the consultation, diagnosis through image analysis, virtual appointments, and so on.

The ERBIS telehealth has been evolving from time to time. While this technology offers such wonderful perks for all of the patients, there are some takeaways that one needs to pay attention before continuing to seek the support for them. Adding new technology to your company can come with the daunting tasks to do. While the telehealth industry is growing, ERBIS company is in the middle of it. Adding new technologies has been the integral part of their routine. According to ERBIS, even the best telehealth does come with flaw and ERBIS company has been transparent about this kind of information to  their clients. So, what are the pros and cons of telehealth?

Telehealth PROS

Using the technology of telehealth, it can help the patients to reach several benefits.

More seamless access for the patients

More and more patients will easily access health care through telehealth technology. The patients can reap the benefits although they are living in the remote locations. All of them can access the ERBIS care virtually through the video conference, smartphone apps, and the specifically tailored telehealth management systems which can ease the whole process.

Cost and time effective health services

According to ERBIS, the existence of telehealth in a healthcare system can contribute to the cost and time savings. Telehealth makes remote analysis and monitoring services more feasible. There won’t be a necessity to deal with the expenses in logistics, travel, and so on. The patients don’t even need to go outside their home to get consultation with their doctor. For regular checkups, they can do it conveniently at home with their doctor through online means of communication. ERBIS has dealt with many health institutions which apply the telehealth technology in their system. 90% of them thought that the telehealth technology from ERBIS has helped thousands of their patients.

Besides helping the patients, telehealth cna help to boost the productivity and revenues of the institutions. It can effectively reduce the no-shows, expenses, as well as helping the physician and their clients who want to get around with the work-from-home models.

Easy Access to the Physician and Specialist

According to ERBIS software development company, telehealth technology can help to save many lives in the rural or remote areas. With the telehealth, folks in the rural area won’t have any problem accessing the consultations with their doctors. With the telemedicine, these patients will no longer commute for distances and make an appointment. They can get the diagnoses quickly and alleviate their specific condition without leaving their place.

The virtual visits

The engagement is the key  to keep the health services ample. The health care quality is challenged when the distances are too far away between the patients and doctors. In this case, the telehealth has removed this huge gap. For the healthcare industry, engaging with their patients can help them to maintain good health care services through the good appointments and scheduling. Back then, patients need to visit the clinic, or wait for the doctor to visit their place. Now health care with telehealth can be done with virtual visits. The virtual visits can make sure that the patients’ problems are handled in time and appropriate manners. It is much easier for the patients to ask questions, see the early signs, and make follow-up appointments to make sure that they will get the best treatments for their current condition.

CONS of telehealth

ERBIS has also emphasized that there are some takeaways to consider before applying telehealth in health institutions or related organizations. Here are what ERBIS found as the rooms for improvement.

The challenge in the resources

We are talking about the human resources and the equipment. When the institutions plan to adapt the telehealth in their system, it requires the enormouse time and money. It is important to p[repare the training properly to conduct the telehealth program. The physician,staffs, practitioners, and other relevant staffs need to practice the new systems to make sure the good workflow. According to ERBIS, if the telehealth is applied successfully, a nurse can monitor up to 40 patients at once from a single location using the telehealth services.

THe medical record challenge

In case the patients connect with the other healthcare provider, the care continuity will be more challenging. It is because the health care might not be able to access their patients’ health records. The incomplete history for the patient can really hinder the effective health care system for both the patients and the doctors. The service providers switching can procure a new problem since the medical history is oblivious for the other health care providers.


Although there are still some rooms for improvement, many health care providers have shown their interest in adopting the telehealth to improve their productivity and health care services. ERBIS has been part of it for years. If you are the person in charge, don’t hesitate to reach out to ERBIS now to find out more about telehealth.