What Are The Services Provided By Skin Cancer Clinic Sydney

Skin Cancer is a type of cancer, which is very common among people who play or work outside and are fond of taking sunbath. It is also common in fair-skinned people but can affect people with dark skin. This disease needs skilled and efficient doctors, who offer dedicated services and provide a detailed examination of the skin for early detection of skin cancer, and specialize in surgical and medical treatments with high quality of care. For best professional skin services contact SunDoctors, Skin Cancer Clinic Sydney, who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of skin cancer.

All types of cancers are not identical neither have similar symptoms. Therefore, if you notice some unusual changes in your skin like abnormal growth, which is gradually growing in size, shape, and colour, consult a doctor immediately, it might be skin cancer. These unusual dark spots, mole, bumps, sore or scaly patches are warning signs of pre-cancer. This abnormal cell growth in the epidermis (outer layer of skin) is caused by damaged DNA that increases mutations.

Types: There are basically three types of skin cancers like the BCC- Basal Cell Carcinoma, SCC- Squamous Cell Carcinoma, and Malignant Melanoma.

  1. The BCC is the least dangerous skin cancer, spreading and growing slowly. Despite being less life-threatening, can have serious consequences specially, if found near the eye and is left untreated.
  2. The SCC is a kind of skin cancer, developing on the face, lips and ears affecting the lymph nodes and internal organs and becomes dangerous, when not treated properly.
  3. Malignant is deadly cancer that spread throughout the body, if not detected and treated at an early stage.

Services Provided: For an immediate evaluation of any abnormal growth or suspicious mole/ lesion professional skin services are required which includes

  1. Detection of skin cancer
  2. Evolution of Moles
  3. Digital Mole Monitoring
  4. Medical treatment
  5. Surgical Treatment
  6. Dermatologic treatment.

 Surgical Procedures: Maximum skin cancers are removed through surgery leaving scars. The doctor tries his best to treat skin cancer by using procedures that do not change your appearance. These include-

  1. Cryotherapy: In order to freeze and destroy the tissue, liquid nitrogen is sprayed into the skin to treat skin cancer.
  2. Diathermy: This procedure includes scraping of skin tissues using a sharp surgical tool followed by wound cauterizing to kill remnants (cancer cells) through an electrosurgical diathermy.
  3. Deletion: This process involves a scalpel to make excision and the wound is stitched afterwards.
  4. Biopsy: It is a procedure of removing, processing, and examining a sample of skin tissue using a microscope. After staining the cells with special dye colour, the structure of the cell is seen under the microscope to obtain correct skin condition.

Conclusion: Checking for skin cancer is a stressful experience but if, anyone from your family or even you are diagnosed with this disease, don’t lose hope. Look for the best physicians, treatment options, and choose the best course to suit your budget and needs. In case of extensive treatment, contact trusted specialist and discuss the treatment possibilities