What can a private tutor teach me?

When you think of private tuition, most people’s minds go to typical subjects like Maths or Physics. However, you can learn a huge amount more from a tutor than just these traditional subjects! Here are just a few of the myriad subjects that you could study.


Being able to code is the skill of the moment and something that is highly regarded by many employers, especially those who have a strong online presence.

Having a basic knowledge of Python or HTML can be a brilliant addition to your CV and can help you build your own website from scratch.


Learning to sing can be an excellent hobby to take up with the help of a professional teacher. You can learn melody, harmonies and how to keep time with a vocal coach.

Singing lessons are not only fun but build your confidence and can lead to opportunities to sing in choirs and meet new people.


Whether you’re a talented artist looking to improve your portraiture or a complete beginner who wants to learn some basic drawing skills, art lessons are suitable for students of all abilities.

You can find art teachers in all areas of the subject, including watercolour, acrylic and charcoal. Or if you’d like to expand your knowledge of art history or a particular style like expressionism, you can learn this with an art tutor as well.


Studying Ancient Greece and Rome isn’t just for university students. If you’ve got an interest in ancient history, why not take classes with a Classical Civilisation teacher.

You’ll study classical literature such as Ovid and Homer, learn how Ancient Greeks and Romans built their cities and understand how these ancient civilisations laid the foundation for the democratic societies of today.


Understanding marketing and being able to apply your knowledge to work or university studies is an important skill. Marketers are constantly learning and responding to changes in their customers’ demands.

You might have a career in marketing already and be looking for some professional development or you might be applying for a marketing degree and need some help with your personal statement. A private marketing tutor can offer you timely advice and up to date with current trends.

Sign Language

Instead of learning modern languages like French or Spanish, why not think outside the box and learn sign language. Being able to sign is an amazing skill, which allows you to communicate in a more accessible way with people who are hard of hearing.

Sign language is a great skill that you can take with you into either the private or voluntary sector, helping you to communicate with those who are hard of hearing.

Public speaking

If you feel sick to your stomach at the thought of speaking in front of a crowd, a public speaking tutor could be just what you need! Public speaking tutors can help you manage your nerves and build confidence in your speaking skills. This could be particularly useful if you struggle with public speaking at work or school.


Being able to use photoshop can give your CV that added edge. With Photoshop you can do much more than manipulate digital images; you can paint, construct landscapes, colour correct and so much more. With an experienced Photoshop tutor, you can learn how to master this aspect of Adobe Creative Suite and add another desired skill to your resume.


If you have an old guitar in the back of your cupboard, lessons from an experienced guitar teacher can help you make the most of the instrument and help you get to grips with the basics and much more.

Most guitar tutors are seasoned professionals who are used to teaching students of all ages and abilities on how to improve their skills and enjoy the process of learning how to play the guitar.