What Can You Cook on a Pellet Grill?

Maybe you have heard about the pellet girl or you are hearing about for the first time here. It is just a simple grill but an advanced level of propane grill. The pellet girl will help you there, where you can cook the food on a propane grill. Infact on this grill you can cook every type of food. In this article we will show you which popular foods you can cook on Pellet Grill.

1. Miracle Frozen Chicken

The first pick in our list is Miracle Frozen Chicken that you can cook on a pellet grill. On a propane grill or simple grill it is very difficult to cook the hard, frozen or store bought chicken. But on a pellet grill you can easily cook these types of chicken, even if you can cook it in a better way and it will be delicious. On the pellet grill you can control the temperature. At the ideal temperature you can cook frozen chicken in just one hour.

2. BBQ Chicken

If you have bought the ready made BBQ chicken from the market, then surely it will freeze, the frozen BBQ chicken is difficult even impossible to cook on the propane grill or ordinary grill, the chicken will burn if you try it on the ordinary grill. Then in this situation the great pellet grill will help you. You can easily cook the frozen BBQ chicken on the pellet grill within 30 to 45 minutes. Literally the taste of the BBQ will be amazing and tasty.

3. Dang Good Burgers

Are you trying to cook a dang good burger on the pellet grill, then surely you will get the good taste. If you are used to cooking the burger petty on the propane grill then I am sure you will find the smoky taste in your burger. The pellet grill let the wooden fire and smoke into the burger and make the dang good burger more tasty. The burger petty takes hardly 10 minutes to cook, 4 to 5 minutes for each side. But remember one thing you need to control the temperature before starting cooking just to save your food from getting burned.

4. Apple Pie

If you are feeling somehow daring and want to try something new in cooking, then you should try to cook the apple pie on the pellet grill. Maybe you have tried to cook the meal on the grill, but we recommend you try to make your own apple pie on a pellet grill. Just leave the apple pie on the grill at 400 degree F, don’t worry your apple pie will not smoke even if the taste will be classy.

5. Tender Pulled Pork

If you love to eat pulled pork and want to try the taste in pork, then you should try this on a pellet grill. Just bring the meat from the market and cook on the grill at the temperature of 205 degree F. Seriously the taste of the chicken will be juicy and smoky, surely you will love it.