What Do Movers In Toronto Use For A Successful Move?

A lot of activities are involved in moving property. The movers in Toronto team should be well equipped to ensure they are not injured when moving items. They also need to have the relevant equipment to ensure they move things easily and without damaging them.

Professional movers know the importance of these pieces of equipment and come prepared for the work. It is about employee safety and that of client’s belongings. Let us see some moving equipment used by Sokol Moving company.

Moving Blankets (movers’ pads): They are mainly used for wrapping furniture. Also, professional movers in Toronto can use moving blankets to secure the staircases. These blankets are often used on huge furniture. Because brushing them against the wall is inevitable, the blankets ensure the walls and the furniture do not get scrapped as the items are moved around. This is a smart move that ensures the property is not damaged during movement hence preventing unnecessary repair costs after moving to a new apartment.

Moving Boxes: Moving boxes are used for packing a client’s belongings and securing them in position to avoid movement during the transportation process. They come in different sizes and types. Small boxes are ideal for backing books and other small items while wardrobe boxes are used for packing clothes and shoes. For large items, lamps, and heavy items, large boxes are used.

Packaging Tape: It is used to protect your furniture from damage. Moving companies in Toronto use packaging tape to secure lids so they do not slip when moving. Because the tape is strong and sticky, movers have a special way of using it to ensure the stick is not left on items it is used to secure. You definitely don’t want your items to be sticky when arranging them after moving.

Four-Wheel Moving Dolly: This equipment is used for moving bulky and heavy items in your home. It is commonly used in moving pianos and also referred to by movers in Toronto as a piano dolly. Four-wheel dollies are ideal for use on level grounds. They can carry very huge furniture and provide zero chances for dropping the item being carried.

Two-Wheel Piano Dolly: It is a great piece of equipment for moving boxes and furniture over short distances. A two-wheel piano dolly is used within the house and from the house to the mover’s vehicle. It is mostly used on hilly areas and helps in protecting movers from back injuries.

Humpstrap: It is another important piece of equipment used for moving heavy items such as pianos within the house. It can also be used to move them from one house to the next. It protects movers’ fingers from injuries in case the item being carried falls. Besides being used for moving pianos, it can be used for carrying boxes. A mover can tie several boxes and carry them at a go instead of moving each at a time.

Locking Piano Belt: Used while moving a piano.

Protecting Lawns and Pathways When Moving

Moving companies Toronto team should be careful when helping you to move. They should not damage your neighbor’s lawn or pathways to avoid having a wrong start in the neighborhood.

Here are a few things you can consider to keep these places protected:

Avoid walking on lawns and pathways. If they are completely unavoidable, movers should walk graciously. That is, they should avoid tearing them with their feet or moving stuff of these places. The lawn should also not be dug, which exposes dirt.

The moving company should navigate the driveways before packing their truck. That is why it is important to have a personalized consultation to get such details. Some driveways are made of a material such as asphalt that does not support heavyweight. If a truck was to pass there, it can damage it and this can create chaos with your neighbors. In such cases, the truck should be packed on the street, and things carried from there using equipment such as the dolly. Of course, because of the increased distance, it can be a bit costly because more labor will be needed.

Avoid poor driveways. Poor driveways are those whose dirt is exposed. Often, they are not paved and some areas have clay soil. It means that a moving vehicle can get stuck on such pavements making them look worse. It also becomes expensive for the moving company because it has to request towing services.

Movers in Toronto should avoid driving into fencing, sprinkler systems, lawn statuary, fire plugs, posts, or low decorative walls.