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What does a new flooring cost?

If a house is being renovated, the floors are in most cases also in need of modernization. This can be a refurbishment like old wooden floorboards or parquet or a complete replacement of the floor. Depending on which covering is chosen, the client has to pay different costs. In some cases, the subfloor has to be rebuilt, this is also significant in terms of material and labor.

Costs incurred

The cost of new flooring can be calculated by using a laminate size estimator usually these are made up of material costs and labor costs. Tradespeople often offer the cables including the material. This can be cheaper for the building owner, as the floor installer achieves better prices in wholesale than a private individual.

Depending on what is added to the purchase price, the builder can drive better if he procures the material himself. Many craftsmen offer a fixed price for the installation based on the size of the room and particular difficulties.

The advantage of a fixed price offer: The customer can calculate well, there are no unforeseen costs. With a price comparison among several cost estimates, however, it should be checked which provider is the most economical.

Finding floor installers – important questions before placing an order

Caution is required if a floor installer does not want to calculate his services as a fixed price for the square meters to be laid but on an hourly basis. In this case, the following questions should be clarified before the contract is awarded:

  • What is the hourly wage set for? Does it only apply to the working hours or also to travel to and from the workshop or work in the workshop?
  • Which billing mode is used? How are started hours calculated?
  • Even if you work on an hourly wage, a binding estimate should be requested from the craftsman, which is also stipulated in the contract. Deviations of more than 20% upwards must be discussed with the client.
  • What additional costs are charged?

Material costs for floor coverings at a glance

The most common floor coverings and their material costs are listed below. In general, the price per square meter for one and the same type of flooring can fluctuate significantly. Regional differences, but also those in material, design, thickness, pretreatment, and quality lead to these deviations.

  • Carpet: 10 to 80 dollars / m²
  • Tiles: 20 to 130 dollars / m²
  • Laminate: 10 to 25 dollars / m²
  • Vinyl: 15 to 30 dollars / m²
  • Wooden floorboards: 10 to 50 dollars / m²
  • Parquet: 30 to 70 dollars / m²
  • Cork: 15 to 50 dollars / m²

The prices vary depending on the manufacturer, there are also major differences in price and quality between buying in a hardware store and purchasing from a specialist dealer or a craftsman. Impact sound insulation is installed under floating coverings such as laminate or parquet, which must also be calculated at 2 to 5 dollars / m².

Save costs by doing your own thing

In principle, skilled craftsmen can also lay the new flooring themselves. That saves money because there are no labor costs. Here, too, it depends on the material and the conditions on-site. While carpeting or laminate is relatively easy to lay in a rectangular room, tile floors or parquet are more demanding?

Builders should bear in mind that a poorly laid floor can result in follow-up costs. In addition, there is no guarantee in the event of errors. If in doubt, it is better to consult a specialist company.