What Does a Video Game Designer Do? – The Detailed Overview of What to Require of Them

“What is a game designer? What does a game designer do?” – frequent questions of those who gather a team of specialists to implement one very interesting project. When it comes to game development, then the process involves more than writing codes. Designers are responsible for the visual content of each project.

Below we present a detailed overview of all the requirements for a game designer and what functions they perform. It will be useful to read for both – those looking for designers and those planning to start a career in design.

Video Game Design vs Game Development: Key Functions

Both terms are often used interchangeably, but they have two different meanings in terms of the roles and responsibilities of professionals.

Designers are responsible for:

  • New concepts for design;
  • Artistic vision;
  • Levels and mechanics;
  • Other elements of content.

Developers are responsible for:

  • Programming of all that is stated by designers.

Game design refers to the use of creativity and imagination, while developers use technical knowledge to develop a product. At first glance, they perform different tasks, but they need each other to implement powerful projects. They work as a team to develop products, for example, in a video game design company – Kevuru Games. You can see the tangible results of the collaboration of these experts – each in their own field.

What Is a Video Game Designer?

Everything that is observed in the game is created by the designers and their teams. A team of level designers, graphic designers, concept designers, and more. All of them participate in the creation of exciting stories, characters, goals, rules, and objectives. All of this dramatically stimulates interaction with the virtual worlds.

So, the job of a game designer involves making strategic decisions about what guarantees a high level of engagement. It is recommended not to skimp on a good designer who will help you bring any creative ideas to life. Prior to that, they will invent effective solutions specifically for your project. Notably, these design-driven solutions will allow you to take full reign of the final product.

3 Basic Responsibilities of Game Designers

While the responsibilities of designers may vary from project to project, from studio to studio, let’s focus on the most important duties:

  1. Participate in brainstorming sessions, refine and translate ideas based on the aspects of the gameplay (rules, mechanics, tasks, levels, etc.);
  2. Create and maintain design documentation for the project;
  3. Collaborate with designers, artists, developers, and others to implement designs and solve problems, etc.

These are just general responsibilities to be fulfilled in this position. They are formulated specifically for each specialist, based on his qualifications, design elements that need to be created, and so on. For example, if junior game designers need to only create design elements, then seniors will be responsible for wide areas such as quality control and management.

Becoming a Game Designer: 5 Steps

  1. The first step to choosing this career is to make sure if you are really ready to fully commit yourself to this activity.
  2. Once you are 100% sure, take the next step – take enough time to study and practice. Not everyone is naturally talented. Even those who are naturally gifted sweat over new and new challenges. Moreover, it takes a lot of technical skills to become a good expert in this field. After all, technology is on the go and requires additional experience.
  3. Apply for a game designer job. You will never be confident in your competencies until you receive constructive feedback from interviews and tests. Once you have acquired specialized skills and knowledge, contact a company that specializes in design. There is nothing more valuable than hands-on experience in real projects, even if you are an entry-level one.

Hiring a Game Designer: 3 Ways

  1. Get professional design services from specialized studios. Kevuru Games – a game design company that has already completed many projects thanks to its vast experience. Their portfolio is full of real work done in different styles – 2D / 3D. This team is the market leader in Eastern Europe for the delivery of digital products to high standards. As a result of outsourcing, you save time and money, at the same time get qualified expertise and assistance.
  2. Address freelancers who provide you with flexible access to specialized knowledge across many platforms. The only thing to do is find the most suitable candidate and satisfy your specific business need.
  3. Assemble a design team. This is a winning solution when you are going to launch many projects in this direction or if the project is too large.

There are many options available to you. But again, you can use outsourcing / outstaffing services so as not to waste too much time and quickly start a project within the shortest timeframes.