What is an Instagram downloader, and how does it work?

Instagram is full of diverse content, which is updated every second globally. You can enjoy not just images but videos, live events, and even series on IGTV. While the platform is becoming highly competitive, the quality of the content grows. Users try to make it more meaningful and valuable. So valuable that you might want to download it to watch without the Internet.

Sometimes, users repurpose videos and images, so even more people can see the worthy content. It’s crucial to know tools like an Instagram picture downloader, downloaders for videos, IGTV. These helper services are a must-have because it’s impossible to save media files from the app.

Let’s explore how you benefit from using such tools.

3 reasons to save content via an Instagram downloader

  1. High-quality visuals. When you take a screenshot of an Instagram image, you get them in poor quality and in different sizes. What is more, you can imagine how low will be the resolution of screen record videos. Instead, when using a Downloader, the media files arrive at the original quality they were uploaded to Instagram. It’s like a user sent you the genuine images/ videos.
  2. You can save content in bulk. It’s time-consuming to screenshot posts of a user. When using specialized services, you sometimes can keep all profile content or tick off posts you need. It’s more convenient to apply a sided service in this situation.
  3. You can re-use content. Finally, users can download Instagram posts, IGTV tutorials, and creative clips on stories to distribute across various social networks. For example, you can download Instagram video and publish it in your Facebook community to show this valuable content to more people and to different audiences.

When you decide to publish Instagram content outside Instagram, it’s vital to have these files in authentic quality. Remember that in 2021 social networks are competitive and full of media, so quality is one of the main success points.

How does a Downloader for Instagram work

There are plenty of Instagram downloaders, but all of them work similarly. The principle is simple, and even a child can save media files in premium quality. Some services are free, most of them allow users to download just a limited amount of content without payment.

The scheme of work is the following:

  • You copy a link to a post/ story from any account. It’s important that you can only save files from public accounts. No one service will allow you to download content from private IG accounts because it’d violate Instagram community guidelines.
  • Paste this link into a service. As soon as you copy the URL to an interesting piece of content, apply it to the search field. After this, the system will find the media and suggest you download it.

If you practice bulk downloads, files will appear on your device as an archive. As I mentioned before, one-time downloads are normally free. But if you want extended functionality, services are likely to charge a fee.

What type of content can you download from Instagram?

Frequently, services for downloading media from Instagram allow you to save all types of posts you can find on this platform.

  • Feed posts – images, carousels, clips.
  • IGTV – including Live streams saved as IGTV.
  • Stories – you can save recent clips and stories people save in Highlights.
  • Live sessions – some third services can track streams on Instagram and keep them for you. Later, it’s possible to download them.


If you are looking for ways to save awesome content pieces from Instagram, it’s better to apply web-based downloaders. You don’t need to install anything; sometimes, you will be asked for registration. But you will gain media in superior resolution so you can repost it on other socials. Remember, you need to provide references to an author if you use someone’s content on the Internet.