What is CBD Dog Paw Balm and What Does Cannabis Do for Your Pet?

Pavements, sometimes covered with deicing materials, are common for urbanized environments and may bring us comfort. But for dogs, these artificial surfaces are anything but comfortable and you can find more information by visiting this pet resource homepage. Over time, they can do a number on your little friend’s paws, causing your pet to suffer. How can you help your dog enjoy the outside without his or her paws paying the price?

Dog Paw Balms: The Surest Way to Protect Your Dog’s Paws

Most dog owners try to make do with paw cleaning after every walk. Paw wiping alone, though, seldom removes all the irritants and may not moisturize the dog’s paw skin well enough.

Some dog owners use dog boots to keep the irritants away. Dog boots, however, may obstruct the dog’s perspiration, making it hard for the dog’s body to regulate its temperature.

Dog paw balms can protect your pet’s paws without the drawbacks of the above methods. As such, they shield your dog’s paws from:

  • Cold and hot pavements Both of these surfaces can give burns to your dog’s paws. The beeswax and oils in dog paw balms can help your pet’s paws cope with such aggressive surfaces.
  • Aggressive chemicals Certain chemicals, such as pavement deicing agents, may irritate your pet’s paws. The layer of protection dog paw balms provide prevents such chemicals from sticking to the paw skin.
  • Rough surfaces Asphalt and cement are not natural for dogs. While their paws adapt with time, toughened paws can often become prone to cuts and fissures. By moisturizing your pet’s paws, dog paw balms ensure they withstand rough surfaces.
  • Debris materials From tiny pieces of glass to splinters, urban surfaces contain all kinds of debris materials. And all of them can damage your pet’s paws. Dog paw balms can reinforce the paw skin, preventing such materials from damaging it.

Not all dog paw balms, however, perform the above functions equally well. What dog paw balms get your pet the best deal?

CBD Dog Paw Balms: What Other Dog Paw Balms Can’t Do

Dog paw balms made of cannabidiol (CBD) oil can perform all of the above functions well. Unlike ordinary dog paw balms, however, they can deliver the unique therapeutic benefits of CBD:

  • Reduce inflammation By engaging the endocannabinoid receptors in your dog’s paw skin, CBD can cause a natural anti-inflammatory response.
  • Manage pain CBD can decrease the absorption of chemicals that produce pain, alleviating it in your pet’s paws.
  • Protect skin from oxidation Thanks to its anti-oxidative properties, CBD can strengthen your dog’s paw skin by fending off oxidation.

Furthermore, some CBD dog paw balms include the beneficial coconut, avocado, and peppermint oils. All of these oils can provide your dog’s paw skin with additional soothing, nurturing, and anti-inflammatory effects.

Pamper your dog with a certified 100% organic high-purity CBD dog paw balm. And your pet will be able to enjoy the outside in any weather and regardless of the surface.