What is Emsculpt? Here’s what everything you should know about this treatment

Emsculpt is a new gadget on the market with unique features like no other. The device is certified by the FDA and has been certified to burn fat and increase muscle mass. It is not painful to use, has no downtime, and does not include any surgical procedures to lift buttocks or define the abs.

The Emsculpt treatment contracts your muscles in such a way that physical workouts fail to do. The process ensures maximum fat metabolism and guarantees improved muscle tone. There isn’t any other modern technology that can handle these two issues at the same time.

Emsculpt treatment comes with two applicators which can be used either or both on the buttocks and abdomen.

How the Treatment Works

Emsculpt treatment fort Lauderdale experts use modern technology to remove fat and tone the body. Emsculpt is actually the name representing the science of this type of treatment. E and M represent the technology behind the treatment. The treatment involves the use of electromagnetic energy in the regions of interest. The treatment process works the same way people normally contract their muscles. However, Emsculpt treatment fort Lauderdale specialists take the process a notch higher. The electromagnetic energy makes the muscles do maximal contractions.

The energy ensures you get the best results. The electromagnetic force stimulates 20,000 muscle contractions that the normal voluntary contractions cannot achieve. Within a couple of times, the muscle tissues adapt to extreme conditions. As a result, the inner structure of the tissues starts to form, burning fat and building muscles at the same time.

What Does Emsculpt Feel Like?

It is not easy to describe how the Emsculpt treatment fort Lauderdale specialists make the treatment work. The process is not painful at all, but the muscles contract involuntarily. Some users say they feel a vibration while others say they feel their muscle twitching. At first, the feeling might sound weird and shocking, but as time goes by, you will start getting used to the sensation.

The intensity of the vibrations increases after every few minutes. The vibrations also keep on changing. Once the session ends, you will feel as if you have been working out the whole day. Expect muscle fatigue in the areas where the muscles have contracted. It is to go through the follow-up sessions because the muscles are stronger, and the body is relaxed because your mind knows what to expect.

How Many Emsculpt Treatments are Required?

The treatment takes approximately thirty minutes. There are two sessions per week for two weeks. The total number of treatments is four. After that, a follow-up session is done after 3 to 6 months.

Who is the Best Candidate for Emsculpt?

The treatment is perfect for adults who want to lift their buttocks or defined abs. It is also recommended for individuals who work out but find it hard to get a perky derriere or pack. Candidates who use this procedure are physically active.

Which Part of the Body Can be Treated with Emsculpt?

The Emsculpt modern treatment is designed to work with buttocks and abdomen. But it can also help other parts of the body, especially to burn fat and increase. Areas that may benefit include buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, and thighs.

Are There Any Downtimes or Any Pre or Post Treatment Preparation?

As aforementioned, Emsculpt is a very safe treatment to use and does not have any side effects on the body or mind. It also does not need recovery; neither does it require pre or post-treatment preparation.

So, if you are looking to burn those fats and gain muscle mass, you do not have to wake up early every morning to go to the gym, Emsculpt will get you sorted.