What is Identity as a Service and why it’s growing in importance?

Identity as a Service (IDaaS) is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution.

It comes as a hosted cloud service managed by a trusted third party. The main goal of this solution is to provide security and real-time security for all identity authentication services, both for contributors and validators.

What is Identity as a Service (IDaaS)?

It is a solution that is enjoying increasing interest and popularity among governments, businesses, and private organizations. Thanks to this service, it is possible to make multiple digital identifiers on one platform.

With the Identity as a Service solution, businesses can take full advantage of the cloud’s capabilities such as economy, coverage, and flexibility. IDaaS is a great solution, especially for large organizations.

This is because managing electronic identities and controlling the scope of authorizations and access to domain systems is a real challenge. Especially in the face of the dynamically changing number of employees and their functions.

Manually managing access to dozens of applications with several or even several thousand users seems impossible. The IDaaS solution supports defining user roles and granting access to specific information.

Users can be employees, associates, or contractors of the organization. This greatly reduces the risk of sensitive data leaking.

Identity as a Service – solution for governments and private organizations

Due to the fact that a very large part of business and entertainment life has moved to the Internet and many services are available only via the Internet, governments, organizations and small and large companies are looking for solutions that will make Internet operations fully secure.

We are talking about operations that require proof of identity. It is important to be sure that personal data and other sensitive information are safe, and the services, thanks to the authentication of identity in real-time, can be carried out quickly, safely, and without any problems.

Hence, digital identity platforms began to enjoy so much input, as is the case of TrustGrid, which has created an innovative digital ecosystem for government agencies and private organizations.

They offer pre-built solutions like digital driving licenses but also customized solutions.

Thanks to using TrustGrid solutions, governments, and private organizations can offer individuals a platform where data is stored in a safe and confidential manner thanks to advanced and modern technologies.

How does digital identity work?

This works in a similar way on every digital identity platform, we’ll describe it on the basis of TrustGrid. The first thing is for government/private organizations to get TrustGrid digital ecosystem solutions.

Then they offer safe identity platform-ready solutions to individuals, citizens, organizations individual clients, who need to establish their digital identity and enroll in the service and opt-in for digital identity representations.

The whole enrolment process is very simple and quick. There is also a chance to manage digital ID through a mobile app that is available both for iOS and Android mobile systems.

About all innovative digital identity solutions that governments and private organizations can be provided with, can be found on the TrustGrid webpage under the link: TrustGrid. All the organizations using TrustGrid are able to deliver their individual clients innovative solutions such as digital identity.