What is Microsoft GP and Salesforce Dynamics GP Integration?

Small to midsize businesses can satisfy their financial accounting demands and much more through Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM integration. On the one hand, Dynamics GP can handle finances, inventories, and operations. On the other, a CRM concentrates on customer accounts for the marketing, sales, and support which feeds the business management that your Dynamics GP concerns.

A pre-configured integration solution brings smooth and speedy syncing between solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics GP. RapidiOnline is one example. Through such a solution, you can find even more benefits with instantly improved operational efficiency. These include connecting accounts and customers, transferring records, as well as pricing and payment tracking.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM integration means a competitive advantage for your organization. Better, Microsoft Dynamics GP integration can be used without needing any programming expertise and without disruption to your business. Rapidi shares what Microsoft GP is, its pricing, and why integration is best with a pre-configured solution.

When you look at Microsoft Dynamics GP vs CRMs like Salesforce, you notice immediate points of contrast that Dynamics GP integration brings together. While their pricing differs noticeably, they each show an essential function for businesses, and you’ll see easily why you should pursue seamless integration.

Microsoft Dynamics GP vs CRMs like Salesforce

In the comparison of Dynamics GP vs CRMs such as Salesforce, there are obvious differences in functionality, design, and data. While both focus differently on the task, they do share the purpose of bringing increased efficiency to your organization. Consider this comparison.

Essentially, Microsoft Dynamics GP is an ERP and accounting system with applications for human resources, manufacturing, supply chain management, and more. It combines these with third-party applications from software vendors to perfectly fit the needs of your business.

In contrast, Salesforce and similar CRM solutions deal with supporting, converting, and attracting your customers through a structured approach to relationship management. These solutions help your sales, service, IT, and marketing teams work in tandem to delight your customers.

MS Dynamics GP pricing also differs considerably from Salesforce and the like. The Starter Pack, for example, starts from $5,000 for three concurrent users. Salesforce meanwhile begins with essentials for just $25 per month for each user. Finally, their integration will cost you a modest fee starting from $300 per month for pre-configured CRM integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

With these points of comparison and benefits of integration in mind, turn to the increased efficiency possible with Dynamics GP and CRM integration.

Why Use Salesforce Integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Considered together, Dynamics GP integration brings in Salesforce to empower equally essential functions. This boosts efficiency immediately by eradicating cross-application data entry redundancies, increasing data visibility, reducing financial risks, and improving decision-making.

Companies choose to integrate these complementary solutions to synchronize inventories, contact status, and customer data. They solve problems like suffering competitive disadvantage because of a disconnect between teams and inefficiencies that waste time and resources.

A pre-configured Salesforce integration like RapidiOnline instantly syncs Dynamics GP to eradicate redundancies and automate processes to save time and money. Here are some of the immediate benefits of Salesforce-MS Dynamics integration.

  • Cancel repetitive data entry
  • Automate business processes
  • Increase information visibility
  • Reduce financial risk exposure
  • Support decision-making

The challenge for many companies seeking to improve performance and extend workflows rests in finding the expertise and team to integrate these systems with a custom solution. However, a pre-configured solution like RapidiOnline makes it possible to easily realize the benefits above.

You’ll quickly see the competitive advantages of synchronized data entry, automations, and better decision-making.

Image ALT text attribute: Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration flowchart showing secure sync with Salesforce’s cloud.

Explore “Great Plains” Salesforce Integration 

With solutions like RapidiOnline, Microsoft Dynamics GP integration (Microsoft “Great Plains” integration) gives you the missing link to see how your business is performing and improving. You will need such a solution if you want to gain greater efficiency in your processes and finetune your systems for custom, competitive performance.

RapidiOnline is designed to integrate many more systems and databases, so choosing it may be the right way to integrate Microsoft Dynamics while preparing for further integrations. Moreover, you can be confident that all your data is protected, and you won’t have to worry about adding code to your systems, saving you time and money while reducing strenuous upgrades.

Learn more about RapidiOnline and pre-configured integrations for Microsoft Dynamics GP.