What is Rafael Nadal’s net worth? Earnings after 17th Grand Slam title win

What is Rafael Nadal’s net worth? King of Clay’s earnings after winning his 17th Grand Slam

  • Rafael Nadal’s career earnings from tennis are £73 million as of last year
  • Nadal wins his 11th French Open title and 17th Grand Slam single title
  • Rafa Nadal’s ATP World Tour & Grand Slam win record on clay is 92.1%

World number one Rafael Nadal has won his seventeenth Grand Slam title after beating Dominic Thiem in straight sets 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 in the French Open 2018.

The ‘King of Clay’ has now won eleven times at Roland Garros to extend his title record in Paris and is now only three away from Roger Federer’s twenty Grand Slam title wins.

Sportsmail provide you with Nadal’s net worth and career earnings including why’s he the king of clay, breakdown of his Grand Slam title wins and his 2018 French Open winnings.

Rafael Nadal defeats Dominic Thiem to win his 11th French Open title and 17th Grand Slam

Nadal’s  Grand Grand Slam win percentage

Why is Rafael Nadal the king of clay?

One of the main reasons Nadal is so good on clay courts is his athleticism and movement, which is a necessity for this fast pace tennis environment.

In addition, Rafa Nadal has excellent defensive skills, ability to shape shots and the mentality to be patient and refuse to miss, as we saw against Juan Del Potro in the 2018 French Open semi-final. 

Rafael Nadal’s ATP World Tour & Grand Slam win record based on environment
Environment  Career Win/Lose  Win %
Clay  409-36  92.1%
Grass  61-18  77.2% 
Hard  425-127  77.0% 
*Stats courtesy of ATP World Tour on 10th June 2018 

What is Rafael Nadal’s net worth? 

Nadal has a net worth of £120 million (As of September 2017), according to Celebrity Net Worth.

His career earnings are £73 million (Last Updated: 6th May 2018) which puts the Spanish star in third behind Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, according Forbes 2018 Highest Paid-Athletes. The rest of his earnings are comprised of endorsements with Nike, Bablolat, Kia Motors, Telefonica and more. 

Most Grand Slam Wins 

  1. Roger Feder – 20
  2. Rafael Nadal – 17
  3. Pete Sampras – 14 
  4. Roy Emerson – 12
  5. Novak Djokovic – 12

How many Grand Slam single titles has Nadal won?

Rafael Nadal now has 17 Grand Slam single titles which puts him three behind Roger Federer who holds the record for Grand Slam wins.

The King of Clay has now won 11 French Open titles to extend his title records at Roland Garros in Paris.

Rafael Nadal Grand Slam wins: 

  1. French Open 2005 – opponent Mariano Puerto
  2. French Open 2006 –  opponent Roger Federer
  3. French Open 2007 – opponent Roger Federer
  4. French Open 2008 –  opponent Roger Federer
  5. Australian Open 2009 – opponent Roger Federer
  6. French Open 2013 – opponent David Ferrer 
  7. Wimbledon 2008 – opponent Roger Federer 
  8. French Open 2010 – opponent Robin Soderling
  9. Wimbledon 2010 – opponent Tomas Berdych
  10. US Open 2010 – opponent Novak Djokovic
  11. French Open 2011 – opponent Roger Federer 
  12. French Open 2012 – opponent Novak Djokovic
  13. US Open 2013 – opponent Novak Djokovic
  14. French Open 2014 – opponent Novak Djokovic
  15. French Open 2017 – opponent Stan Wawrinka 
  16. US Open 2017 – opponent Kevin Anderson
  17. French Open 2018 – opponent Dominic Thiem 

How much did Nadal earn from French Open 2018?

Rafael Nadal earned £1.93 million (puts career earnings to date at around £75 million) from this years French Open, which was a 4% increase on last years win in Paris.

Although Roland Garros saw a prize money increase for the winner this year, its still the lowest paid amongst Australian Open (2018), WImbledon (2017) and US Open (2017) tennis tournaments.


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