What is Test and Tag in AU for Appliances?

When you go shopping for a brand-new electrical appliance, you will notice a small tag somewhere on the product stating that it has been tested along with the name of the tester and also the date the product was tested. Some of these electrical appliances that are used in various industries such as mining, and construction will also state the due date of the next test. Most of you may wonder why these appliances are tested and tagged. It is good for you to know that it is for your own safety.

What Do You Mean by Test and Tag?

Test and tag is basically a way of minimizing electrical risks to the people working at your workplace. It is a process of inspecting, electrically testing, followed by tagging or labelling and logging various types of electrical appliances. You may also say that testing and tagging is a way of documenting all the various electrical safety systems of your workplace for the risk assessment of the office.

Why Is It So Important for Different Businesses?

It is needless to say that testing and tagging all the different electrical appliances can help to keep your employees safe. Whether you talk about your management or staff or your customers or even the general public. It is also a good way to minimize the different risks of fines for a manager along with imprisonment that may arise from a breach of the various electrical safety laws. It is also important for you to note that testing and tagging can help to keep your insurance premiums low and to ensure that your insurance does not get voided due to your lack of complying with relevant laws.

Periodic testing and tagging of various electrical appliances can help to keep a proper track of all your electrical assets. This is irrespective of the fact whether you run a factory or a kitchen or a construction site or even a retail store. It is quite easy to understand that all the various levels of management are equally responsible for the safety of the workplace and a properly documented risk assessment approach is mandatory. This obviously includes assessing the risks that are presented by various portable electrical appliances.

It is important that all the employers should pay special attention to the different risks where the workplace basically represents an environment that is hostile to different electrical equipment. As an example, hostile work environments may easily expose different electrical equipment to possible damages from corrosive chemicals, moisture, vibration, physical abuse or use, dust or heat.

When you decide to get your electrical appliances tested and tagged, a qualified test and tag – electrical testing services specialist will use specialized appliance testing instruments in order to test for any invisible electrical faults with the product, along with completing a proper and thorough visual inspection. All the test and inspection results are recorded electronically, and you will also be provided with a Test and Tag Log, which also be a crucial part of your risk management and assessment documentation.