What Is the Best Hair Transplant Method?

We know there are lots of hair transplant techniques utilized around the world but have you heard about the ultimate hair transplant technique? German scientists developed the unique FUE which is known as a revolutionary hair transplant technique, and it’s been changing the whole game for 2 years.

What is Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is a procedure used to treat baldness and hair loss. There are many different techniques used for hair transplants. Fundamentally, hair transplantation is the process in which the transplanting of healthy hair grafts from the donor area to the bald or thinned area helps with future healthy natural hair growth.

Types of hair transplant techniques

Many people both men and women but especially men have been suffering from hair loss for ages. It can be due to genes, hormones, stress, or any other environmental cause. Mankind has been trying to find a permanent cure for hair loss and baldness with the help of scientists and technology.

FUT: First Hair Transplant technique

The first hair transplantation practice took place in the early 90s for hair loss. In those years, the hair transplant technique which is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) was used and it was very effective. It had some pros and cons, but scientists never stopped and kept working hard to develop better techniques.

Introduction of FUE – FUT is known as the father of all other hair transplant techniques, but most people prefer to choose Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. FUE is one of the modern hair transplant techniques, and it has much more advantages as compared to FUT. Nonetheless, German scientists had no intention of stopping that is why they developed the ultimate hair transplant technique which is Unique FUE in 2019.

Unique FUE – German scientists started their studies in 2015. Also, before they released Unique FUE they did tons of experiments, research, and studies with French and Swiss scientists to check the effectiveness of FUE. Today, it has managed to attract everyone’s attention and make its name the most revolutionary technique.

Why is This Technique the Best Hair Transplant Technique

When we understand hair transplant procedures, we know there is an importance of having so many techniques in hair transplantation. Each of these techniques has an advantage over the other. However, This Technique has proved to be the best and here we will discuss some of these reasons why.

  • The biggest advantage of the unique FUE technique is the success rate as the result of hair transplantation.
  • While there is a 75% and 80% success rate in procedures where other hair transplantation techniques are applied, the success rate of Unique FUE is increasing to 99%.
  • This naturally makes it possible to get very good hair transplantation results with a few grafts.

Last but not least, you should always remember that the success rate of a hair transplant will depend on how you take care of your hair before and after the procedure. If you take a poor diet and have bad habits like drinking and smoking it will negatively affect your hair transplant results. So you should always listen to your doctors after a hair transplant operation and follow their guidelines.