What is the Best Smart Door Lock?

What is a smart lock?

A smart digital door lock is a smart home device that supports wifi or Bluetooth. Users can get rid of the trouble caused by physical keys and lock or unlock the front door with just a touch of a finger or a simple voice command. The best smart door lock even allows remote access, so you can open the door while working on letting your guests in.

There are google smart lock and Alexa smart lock. With a smart door lock, you can throw away the key and manage the lock safely and conveniently, no matter where you are. How to find the best smart door lock? This article will give you a comprehensive introduction to the smart lock front door.

How to install a smart lock on a door?

Installing a smart lock is very simple. You only need to spend a little time to have a convenient and safe smart digital door lock. The following takes Smonet smart lock, the best smart door lock, as an example to explain the installation steps.

  • Install latch
  • Install plate
  • Install keypad
  • Identify door handing (Figure out the left-handle and right-handle)
  • Adjust thumb turn piece
  • Adjust the toggle button of the cover
  • Install receiver module
  • Insert the battery and install back battery cover

How does smart lock work?

Many people may ask: “How does smart lock work?” A smart digital door lock is smarter than the average door lockSmonet smart lock, the best smart door lock, recognizes your fingerprint in only 0.5 seconds and unlocks the door in 1 second. This wifi smart lock will also automatically lock for 5 minutes when someone enters an incorrect password more than five times.

Are smart locks safe?

Are smart locks safe? When smart products first came out, many people were skeptical, and a smart lock for the front door is no exception. The wifi fingerprint door lock has developed rapidly in recent years. The wifi smart lock has been widely welcomed by the public, and people have begun to use and trust the smart lock. Smart digital door locks often have a variety of unlocking methods, and the unlocking can be updated at any time. Smonet smart lock also has Remote Password Sharing. It is undoubtedly the best smart door lock.

When you are using a traditional door lock, once your key is lost, you may not be able to enter the house, and your house may even be stolen because a bad person picks up the key. You don’t dare share the key with others casually or feel uneasy after giving the key to a friend.

But a smart digital door lock will not have this trouble again. Smonet smart lock can share passwords and can change passwords. Once you feel that your home is insecure, you can change the password for the front door lock. At the same time, you can also view the door lock switch history through the APP. In comparison, a wifi smart lock is more secure than ordinary door locks.

How to turn off the smart lock?

Unlike traditional door locks, wifi fingerprint door lock has a variety of unlocking methods. Smonet smart lock supports five unlocking methods: app (TTLock App), keypad, fingerprint, IC card, and mechanical keys. You can use these methods to lock the door easily and quickly. When the wifi smart lock is connected to Alexa and Google Home, you can also unlock it with voice. When you are holding a lot of things in your hand, and it is not convenient to get out the key, the voice lock method is definitely your best helper. In this regard, Smonet smart lock is the best smart door lock.

How to rekey a smart lock?

Smonet smart lock is allowed to generate up to 500 time, permanent, or one-time passcodes that you can share with your friends, guests, housekeepers, or employees. Besides, you can send them eKeys, which they can access directly by downloading the TTLock App.

Smonet has the best smart door lock. Smonet door lock has the excellent quality, various styles, complete functions, and can withstand low-temperature weather. Its working temperature is between – 20 ~ 70 ℃. You are welcome to contact them for more information about the smart lock front door.