What is the Dutch online gambling market going to bring to the table?

What are the Dutch doing when they’re not busy running through colourful tulip fields, roaming around cheese markets, or exploring wonderful canals? We bet you won’t be able to guess the answer, so we’re going to tell you straight away: they’re patiently waiting for the online gambling market to open up and finally enjoy casino games legally, like people from other countries are already doing.

In case you didn’t know it yet, the Dutch are very keen on casino games and all things gambling. It’s true that most people associate the Netherlands with other things, and we’ve already listed some of them above, but gambling is actually a very popular activity all across the country. That’s all good and well, except for the fact that in the Netherlands playing online casino games was prohibited up until recently.

One step further in the right direction

In order to understand the current situation of the online casino environment in the Netherlands, we need to go back in time a bit. The story between the Dutch and gambling dates way back to the 14th and 15th century when the first licenses for casinos were issued. What does that tell us? That the Dutch had quite enough time to get acquainted with casino games and develop a strong passion for gambling.

You’d think that a country with such a long and rich gambling history and fame for having one of the most lenient laws in all Europe has evolved a lot when it comes to the gambling sector, and yet you’d be mistaken. The truth is that authorities in the Netherlands did little to nothing in this respect.

Gambling-related activities in the Netherlands were regulated in the ‘60s and it’s been radio silence ever since. The thing is, the internet and online casinos didn’t exist in the ‘60s, so there are no laws covering online gambling, which places online casinos in a very grey area.

But after so many years of waiting, the Dutch are finally making efforts to catch up and modernize their gambling environment. The first steps in this direction have already been taken earlier this year when the Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) passed the Remote Gambling Act. This act creates a regulatory framework for online gambling in the Netherlands that will allow operators to provide their services legally and give gamblers the chance to finally play online casino games safely.

However, the process is not over yet, as the new legislation will not enter into effect until the end of the year, so players will have to wait a little longer. But what’s a few more months when some have been waiting for this moment for years, right?

Next level gambling experience

As we’ve already mentioned, the Dutch know their casino games very well, even though they were not allowed to put their gambling skills to good use. And not only do they know the ins and outs of the gambling world, but they also have very strong preferences when choosing what to play.

Studies show that out of all the casino games out there, Dutch players have a soft spot for roulette. Blackjack and the all too famous slots are also at the top of their preferences. And we have to mention they have a passion for sports betting as well, which is said to steal the spotlight once the gambling market finally opens.

Taking all these aspects into considerations, experts believe that the new gambling environment in the Netherlands will provide some of the best casino games on the market, ensuring an enhanced gambling experience for all players. From unique casino games that employ innovative technologies to all the free spins and other no deposit bonuses, one can ask for, the online gambling market in the Netherlands will exceed everyone’s expectations.

A win-win situation for everyone

Given the cheerful news, a lot of people are wondering who is going to benefit the most from the soon to be regulated gambling environment? The short and simple answer is everyone, but let’s expand on this topic for a moment.

At the moment, the number of people who take part in gambling-related activities in the digital space is close to one million, which is quite an impressive figure, considering that the Netherlands have a population of 17 million people. Gamblers enjoy playing casino games at Pronto online casino and other casino sites, and that benefits the local economy, leading to an income of almost 1 billion euros. Think about how much the online gambling sector will bring in once the new legislation enters into effect. There will be a lot more money coming into the economy from online gambling activities.

Players will obviously benefit from a safe and varied gambling environment, without having to worry about being involved in any illegal activity. With this, the popularity of online gambling is also expected to grow exponentially.

And let’s not forget about the casino operators who will have the opportunity to tap into an unexplored market that has immense potential and is expected to develop at a fast rate in the months following the implementation of the new regulations. Over 100 operators from the Netherlands and from abroad have already shown interest in making their debut in the future online gambling market.

Europe’s most prosperous online gambling market

With all the benefits and opportunities that the Dutch online gambling market is expected to provide, many experts have said that it might become Europe’s most prosperous online gambling market yet in a relatively short period of time.

Although challenges do exist, and casino providers won’t find it easy to meet all the necessary requirements to operate legally in the market, the advantages largely outweigh the disadvantages, and that gets everyone excited about what’s going to happen next in the Dutch online gambling environment.