What Is The Stop Pin For On A MegaSlam Adjustable Height Basketball System?

Basketball is one of the most popular sports all over the globe. It is even more popular in America, and that makes sense as the sport was invented there. This wonderful game would produce legends like Lebron James, Michael Jordan, and Steph Curry in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1891 by James Naismith. The sport evolved as time went by, and consequently, it took the whole country by storm.

Today, we have leagues like the NBA that inspire kids all around the world to shoot hoops. Due to the impact of the NBA, this sport has found acceptance in almost every country. Part of the reason behind this is that it does not have a lot of requirements. In other words, you don’t need elaborate equipment or the presence of others to perfect its basic skills like dribbling and shooting.

You can just get yourself a basketball and hoop, and you’ll be good to go. You can install an adjustable basketball system almost anywhere. If you’re getting one for your kid, it’s even easier to install as those are smaller than regular ones. To find an appropriate adjustable height basketball system, you can shop @ Mega Slam Australia.

What Is The Stop Pin For On A Megaslam Adjustable Height Basketball System?

The stop-pin acts as a limiter to prevent small children from lowering the system to dangerous heights. For instance, if a stop pin is inserted, the hoop can only be lowered to 7 feet. If it is not inserted, it can be lowered up to 5 feet. The function of the stop pin is to prevent anything such as a car from colliding with it.

It is recommended that you keep an extra stop pin in your arsenal as it is an essential part of a MegaSlam Adjustable Height Basketball System. It is there to prevent unnecessary accidents that can endanger your children. If you lose your stop pin, you can easily get another in a nearby store that sells it.

However, you have to make sure that the pin you get fits your basketball system. Without a stop pin, your adjustable height basketball system gets stuck on one height. Thus, without the pin, you won’t be able to adjust the height, and it will defeat the whole purpose of its existence.

When you buy a new adjustable height basketball system, make sure that it comes with a stop pin. In some cases, the stop pin can be missing, and that can cause the buyer a lot of problems. It’s a tiny part of the basketball system, and thus, it is very easy to overlook. However, it is of utmost importance, and thus, you should check for it when you buy a MegaSlam adjustable height basketball system.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adjustable Height Basketball System

Today, many people prefer adjustable height basketball systems over in-ground ones, and for a good reason. To help you make the right decisions, here are some advantages and disadvantages of an adjustable height basketball system:

Inclusivity: Adjustable height basketball systems are fun for everyone. A majority of casual players will prefer a height of 7 feet so that the game does not become too hard. For those who want to go professional, the height can be set at 10-feet, which is the height of the NBA basketball hoop.

Certain adjustable height basketball systems go as low as 5 feet. Those are perfect for smaller children who are just beginning to play the sport. Thus, an adjustable height basketball system can be fun for the whole family.

Ease of Operation: Of course, in-ground basketball hoops do not need any adjustment. However, if you are worried that an adjustable height basketball system will be hard to operate, you can relax. There are adjustable height basketball systems that utilize a pulley system. These basketball hoops can also be operated by children.

So, you won’t have to be there every time your child wants to adjust the height of the hoop to play. More advanced models on the market use other systems to adjust the height, such as hydraulics and actuator. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the pulley-powered basketball hoops are best if you are looking for ease of operation.

Portability: Another amazing thing about these hoops is that they are portable. If your family tends to move a lot, then an in-ground hoop will not be a wise investment. Adjustable height basketball hoops can easily be disassembled and transported. Thus, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting a new one. That makes these basketball systems perfect for families who tend to rent properties or move a lot.