What Jobs You Can Get Once You Pass CompTIA A+ Certification Exams

When you read the CompTIA A+ certification requirements, you wonder whether it is worth the effort. At this moment you have to keep in mind that CompTIA is an international organization that offers reputable certifications that help specialists leverage their skills.

Apart from knowledge improvement, earning the CompTIA Certification accreditation will help candidates access well-paid job roles and work in leading international companies.

So, what would you say if you would discover that this CompTIA qualification will increase your chances to be accepted for a job with a generous annual payment? Keep reading and find out more about the CompTIA A+ accreditation potential.

CompTIA A+ Certification Process

It’s not a secret that the candidates who want to obtain the A+ certification will need to pass two tests.

The first one has the code CompTIA A+ 220-1001 and it focuses on testing the candidates’ expertise in mobile device management and networking concepts, as well as skills in the virtualization process.

The second step would be to pass the 220-1002 exam that focuses on verifying the candidates’ ability to troubleshoot certain types of software and install the operating systems. Both of these 90-minute evaluations include 90 questions in different formats.

So, the candidate should be ready to answer performance-based, multiple-choice, or drag and drop types of questions. Also, the required score is 675 points for the first exam and 700 for the second one. Additionally, the registration fee is $232 for each evaluation.

Career Opportunities For The CompTIA A+ Exam-Passers

The applicants who decide to take the CompTIA A+ 220-1002 exams should demonstrate that they have between 9 months to 1 year of experience in the lab or field. Besides, any candidate who wants to develop data management skills and take his/her competence in security to the next level will find the A+ certificate helpful for his/her career.

What’s more, once you manage to get the passing score in both exams, your career path will change. You will be identified by recruiters as an experienced specialist to whom they can assign complex projects.

Also, they will trust you more as you decided to invest your time and resources in getting an international certificate. This proves that you are an ambitious person. So, once you add this prestigious designation under your belt, you can qualify for the following roles:

  • Field service technician
  • Desktop support administrator
  • Service desk analyst
  • System support specialist

What Is The Average Salary Of An A+ Certified Specialist?

Apart from offering you the opportunity to consolidate your position in your company and be more confident when it comes to taking over unique projects, the CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 designation is the ticket to receiving a better salary and bonuses.

According to the vendor’s website, the annual salary of help desk technicians is about $51,553. Though the more experienced you are, the more you earn. Thus, being A+ certified, you can get up to $78,629 per annum.


Irrespective of where you are at this moment in your career journey, the CompTIA Network+ N10-007  will give you an incredible boost. It will help you master your skills in data management, virtualization, networking, and more.

But, it will also make you a promising candidate for international companies that will offer you generous annual salaries. So, despite the difficulties you will encounter during the qualifying process, you will have many advantages if you register for the A+ exams.

Good luck!