What kind of face mask gives the best protection against Covid-19?

In comparison to the 1918 Spanish flu, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is one of the biggest health scares in modern world history. We must do whatever we can to fight this virus outbreak.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is widely recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) to use face-masks to protect our mouths and noses when out in grocery stores and every other public sector.

Mask does not protect us 100% from catching the virus, but it will not deter us from adding to the germ stream that is immense in putting a world back to “normal,” or as near as possible. Even DIY homemade face mask made from scarf or disposable mask made from kitchen towel or even from office or kraft paper is effective and better than nothing in public place.

Surgical face mask are designed to prevent infections, they made from non-woven fabrics, created using a melt blowing process. This kind of fabric is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight and non-irritating. The non-woven fabrics are used in filtration, medical, cleaning of liquid waste, isolation, protective clothes and industrial areas with oil absorbency, water repellent along with other multi-functional features.

Type of masks which are recommended for use

Basic Cloth Face Mask:

This is the basic regular face mask form. It is also the approved edition of the COVID-19 for general use. This type of face mask you can wear when you’re going to food, gas station, or any public open space.

Operating Face Mask:

A thin, disposables material is produced from an FDA-approved surgical mask. A variant of this face mask is available to medical professionals who are actively checking for COVID-19 in the drive and protect not just their nose and lips, but also their head, cheeks, and chest. You can also see this type of mask that doctors and respiratory specialists use in hospitals.

N95 Respirator:

N65 Respirators used by the public won’t be detected. Respirator: For health care staff and first responders, this form of face mask is important. Unless you do not deal specifically with patients, please do not use/purchase this sort of mask. Even now, stocks are limited and these masks will be reserved for people who really need them.

Respirator Filtering Facepiece:

This type of face mask is removable, like surgical masks. It is not intended to avoid the transmission of respiratory pathogens, but instead to minimize access to wood smoke, dander and pollen spores. Allergy sufferers should consider using this type of face mask during the pandemic.

Respirator / Gas Mask P100:

A breathable P100 is not generally connected to health care. Rather, painters, woodworkers, and anybody in contact with lead, asbestos or contaminants are carried. To avoid the spread of COVID-19, you can not wear any sort of mask.

Autocontained breathing appliances:

Firefighters often use this type of face mask in dangerous situations to breathe clean air. This form of face mask is totally unnecessary as the COVID-19 spreads. If you buy a firefighter or a rescue employee, you can take it away and can genuinely need it.

Airborne KN95:

The masks of KN95 resemble the masks of N95. Both capture approximately 95 percent of small airborne particles. N95 masks are capable of capturing larger particles, the only difference is.

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