What MailOnline readers really think about ambulance strikes

What MailOnline readers really think about ambulance strikes… so do YOU agree with the 20 best-rated comments?

Thousands of paramedics, control room workers and technicians chose to strike today in an ongoing dispute over pay.

NHS leaders have dramatically warned they won’t be able to keep all patients safe during today’s unprecedented action.

So, with lives potentially at risk, are 999 workers right to strike?

MailOnline readers were today asked to share their opinions on today’s walk-outs in a new poll. Here’s 20 of their best-rated comments…  

No. They knew the role, pay and conditions before they joined up – as do all other sectors on strike. Life is tough for most people but any amount of money would not be enough for some. BritCit, Midlands, United Kingdom

We are all struggling at the moment and for the NHS to be asking for 19%… is very greedy. They had a pay rise of 4% last year when most of us didn’t and when they take on their careers, they know what they are getting into… MitchE, Southend, United Kingdom 


Do YOU agree with ambulance workers striking?

  • YES 12131 votes
  • NO 30762 votes
  • UNDECIDED 848 votes

Everybody is suffering from cost of living cost increases. Greatwall, Folkestone, United Kingdom

Took 26 hours to turn up for my father. Disgusting. Old Cynic 60, Londinium, United Kingdom

I’m sick of unions holding this country to ransom when people are going through the worst times of their own lives. CrossroadsDemonGirl, PapaLegbas New Orleans, United Kingdom

… We have to mange and look after the costs better, so we can pay better. iije, Norwich, United Kingdom

Controversial this maybe, but my option nevertheless. It is time for this government to make its stand, say no, no, no. Start sacking these people who think its ok to strike, its not ok. Football Fan1066, London, United Kingdom

SHOULD BE ILLEGAL! Steven1963, Barnsley, United Kingdom

Graphic shows: The average response times for Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 calls to ambulance services across England (left), and the average response time for each call (red) compared to the target response time (blue) across all services (right)

When there’s inflation, everyone want more money to ensure their own income isn’t affected. This is normal human behaviour. But this is also what fuels inflation further and can lead to an economic catastrophe. Yes, there’s a recession, and there’s inflation, and EVERYONE will have a little less for a short while – the sooner we understand that, the quicker we’ll emerge from recession and inflation. KeepCalmAndCarryOn, London, United Kingdom

I think ALL frontline emergency service providers, that is fire, health and police should NOT be allowed to strike… These are safety issues that should never be compromised or held to ransom. frightened citizen, Wirral, United Kingdom

Sick listening to them and the nurses, the average salary for a nurse is 33k, they say they have to visit food banks to survive, if that’s the case, given the average uk salary is 27k, why aren’t the food banks dealing with more the half the population!! Bandbigalow, Scotlandshire, United Kingdom

AS a nurse in my younger days, I feel caring for the sick and disabled is a profession for a certain type of person. It is not a job for anyone and does not depend on salary. We earned pocket money but I would never leave the patients to fend for themselves. These nurses standing outside shouting are a disgrace to the profession. If they do not like the job and depend on pay they can leave and find another job.. northern lady, York, United Kingdom

The NHS is NOT underfunded but its management waste money in a monumental way. Youth1956, Preston, United Kingdom

No they should not go on strike, the problem with the NHS is it was not designed for the amount of people using it. There has been far too much immigration and health tourism. Sukl, Liverpool, United Kingdom

Graphic shows the average time it takes for ambulance services across England to pick up 999 calls

Graphic shows: The average time it takes for ambulance services across England to pick up 999 calls

No. Emergency services should be barred for striking. It’s disgusting. I don’t know anyone that supports them despite what the media say. Good goolie, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

I thought people who went into the profession of a nurse, a doctor and paramedics etc did so because they are caring people. Will they be caring when someone dies. If it’s just about the money don’t do the job look for something else. I know we all work to be able to live but asking for 19% wage rise is just over the top. Hobgoblin52, Roseville, United Kingdom

I’d rather my tax money goes directly to the nurses rather than get wasted by incompetent management optimist82, Manchester, United Kingdom

If someone is on a salary anywhere between 25k and 39k, they must be mismanaging their finances if they have to use foodbanks. Allie WR, North Norfolk Coast, United Kingdom

no essential services should be allowed to strike, they knew the terms when they took the job. Stars1, London, United Kingdom

I know a paramedic. He was given voluntary redundancy () then went back to work part time and earned a fortune, probably as an agency supplied worker. Used to brag about it and what mugs they NHS were. Proud Elizabethan, The Tent, Cocos Islands

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