What Makes a Great Patient Portal: Top Benefits, Features, and Implementation Tips

Online health platforms are becoming a trend nowadays due to the fact that the health sector is adapting to the changes being posed by the ‘new normal’ situation that we have. Moreover, it is important to note that accessibility remains to be one of the most important factors that patients consider in the process of using such platforms as it dictates the entirety of their experience.

A patient portal enables the cultivation of a strong relationship between patients and health providers. As the health care system becomes revolutionary in a way it adapts to technological advancements, bookings, consultations, medication, and even post-evaluations come with the utilization of online platforms. Hence, making our health care experience more accessible and safer because it spares us from the danger of acquiring the virus upon going out of our homes.

Automated patient communication is a pivotal factor that will determine whether a person would want to avail a specific service online. The same goes for the online health platforms that we have. Generally, a friendly portal should be able to cater to the needs of its customer in the most efficient way possible that should manifest on the website’s or application’s design.

In a published study at Selecthub, these are the following factors to be considered in a well-functioning patient portal:

  • Online Scheduling of Appointments
  • Accessible Consultations
  • Secured Communication through messaging
  • Electronic Billing and Payment
  • Online Access to Results

As we use online patient portals, being able to have our appointments scheduled online is one of the most important features that we have to look for. Aside from the fact that it spares us from the hassle of going to physical hospitals or clinics, it also helps us to minimize the costs we might incur on top of the time we are able to save.

Accessible consultations should also be taken into consideration in choosing an online health care provider. The availability of health practitioners to have ourselves diagnosed is very important to the entire experience of online medication.

Of course, our security should be our utmost concern. In choosing an online platform, secured messaging should be seen as an important factor. After all, we wouldn’t want to experience information fishing that might lead to identity theft online.

Accessibility when it comes to billing methods should also be considered as an important factor in online care platforms. The availability of electronic billing and payment should come in handy. This feature would definitely give us a hassle-free transaction that can be done in a single click at the comfort of our homes.

Of course, online access to results should also be a major consideration. Online care platforms have indeed marked an era when people get to be medicated without going to hospitals. At a time when we face a global health crisis, being able to have access to our health evaluation is indeed vital.

Moreover, success in the implementation of a patient portal lies in the provider’s capacity to increase efficiency by catering to the needs of the patients in the fastest way possible. Additionally, promotions also play a very crucial role, it is through effective marketing schemes that will make your platform appealing to the greater masses. Testimonials of previous customers would also be of huge benefit that will serve as a powerful pull factor.

Indeed, online patient portals are now becoming useful in digitizing health care services. The aforementioned factors are just some of the many considerations we are to take note of in choosing our health provider online.