What makes Bitcoin valuable

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, often called as a ‘Cryptocurrency’, that is not governed by an administrator, or any bank and transactions can take place on a peer-to-peer network, not requiring any intervener. The value of Bitcoin as of today is around thousands of dollars, $3000 to be precise, and this value has been climbing since the inception of this currency into the market.

Repeatedly disapproved of because of its usage in unlawful transactions, Electricity drain, inconsistent price, and the likelihood of it being an economic bubble, Bitcoin continues to be used for exchange and transactions worldwide and is persistent in the process to experience an escalation in its price. This ever-increasing course of Bitcoin value can be reasoned for owing to the following reasons:

Postulation of the masses regarding its worth:

Just like Gold, or any other article of distinction, Bitcoin is compared to being a store of value. Bitcoins holding value is rather a phenomenon that can be studied in High school Microeconomics. It is all about supply and demand; because more people want Bitcoins in view of its growing popularity and the potential that it holds, the more prized it is becoming progressively.

The simulated dearth of Bitcoins:

Only a finite amount of Bitcoins, approximately 21 Million, have been forged by Satoshi, out of which around 16 Million Bitcoins have been mined already and each Bitcoin takes a laborious effort to mine. Each subsequent Bitcoin takes more and more computing energy to process, and as we approach the last Bitcoin to be drawn out a foolishly absurd proportion of electricity would need to be exhausted.

Unprejudiced nature

Bitcoins do not come under the ascendancy of any single dominance or any lower levels of bureaucracy, and thus cannot be orchestrated, or devalued at the will of any individual or those in power. As it often happens in Global economies that Governments decide to devaluate their currencies to clear the path for foreign investment, which, at a greater distance accounts for erratic Foreign Exchange oscillations, Bitcoin is exempt from such adversities. It is apolitical and isn’t courteous to any individuals who may hold imperium to influence Fiat currency.

An adaptable form of transactions

Any transaction or exchange that takes place over Bitcoins is immune to any intervening medium. There is no entanglement in banks, or any corridors of powers to be crawled through to get your trade exercised. Bitcoin, like every other cryptocurrency, can be bartered over borders, without much bothersome inconvenience. It fosters the privacy and anonymity of the parties involved in the exchange, without any hiatus to hinder the smooth flow of money.


Bitcoins hold value. The economic growth assessments, inflation, and monetary blueprints that may have an impact on currency have no engineering capabilities over Bitcoin, and it is thus not vulnerable to fluctuations. However, the demand for this crypto revolt affects its price, which in turn boosts its value among the masses. It is set side by side with Gold as a “store of value”, and in the near future, as more and more Bitcoins are fished out, its valuation is expected to rise exponentially.