What makes online TV and streaming so popular?

With the passage of time, the lifestyle of the people, traditions thinking powers, perception levels, and living standards have changed. The current lifestyle is totally changed as compared with 50 years ago.

The Internet has seriously changed the TV market in the world over the past 15 years. Previously, a person’s choice was limited to a small number of TV channels and a limited collection of movies from a local video store, but now there is a large amount of free content, and almost any movie or TV show can be found on the Internet very quickly.

In recent years, the number of viewers who prefer TV has dropped markedly, mainly due to the millennial generation who prefer to watch online TV, or streaming services like Netflix. Nowadays people prefer to watch movies, sports events, and TV shows at a convenient time, and read the news by scrolling through the feed on social networks.

Statistics show that 61% of adults under the age of 29 in the United States prefer streaming to any other option for watching video content. Among users aged 29 to 37, the situation is slightly different: 37% of viewers turn to streaming TV, while 52% prefer cable or satellite TV.

Cable subscriptions typically include many features and channels that the owner does not use but pays for anyway. Streaming TV, on the other hand, can be configured somewhat more flexibly and only pay for what you really want to watch.

Thanks to the current level of technology, we can watch movies and TV shows anywhere, even on smartphones and tablets. There are a huge number of mobile applications for this. Many of them are available for download not only for desktops but also for both iOS and Android.

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