What Makes React-Native Push Notifications Better Than Email Notifications

Marketing is an ever-changing phenomenon where the only thing that remains constant are the end goals. Whether we talk about the old times when brochures and catalogs were the modes of promotion or today when digital marketing is doing the trick, engaging with the audience has always been the key motive.

In this post, we will be dissecting the two prominent marketing strategies of modern times and find which one lays an edge over the other. So, the two contenders for the competition are React-Native Push Notifications and Email Notifications.

Email notifications have been in practice for a while now. Businesses have been following the ritual of sending promotional emails to their potential clients for a long time in the form of blog posts, discount deals, or otherwise.

The intent of Email marketing ranges from brand awareness to increasing customer outreach. Also, it has justified itself in times where businesses have benefited from their proactive approach of sending cold emails to their clients while aiming to expand the market capture.

Email Marketing was hugely successful until the recent entrant, React-Native Push Notifications, made its move and stole the show with its stellar performance.

Not that Email marketing has stopped serving its purpose, but it lacks the facility of sending prompt messages. If there has to be a face-off between push notifications and Email marketing, then certainly push notification is leading the contest.

Let us hop on to the advantages of React- Native Push Notifications and find how they outperformed email marketing.

Better Customer Reach: Push notifications are sent directly on the smartphones of the clients. It ensures quick visibility and readability while eliminating the possibility of lying stuck in the spam folder.

Email rests upon the desire of the reader whether or not to open and read it. Whereas, in push notifications, a short message sits back on the top of the list and gets the reader’s attention as soon as he slides the notification panel of the smartphone.

Higher Probability of Clicks: When a push notification flashes on the screen of a smartphone, the probability of it receiving the reader’s attention is way higher than the option of exploring a full-fledged email at a deliberate click.

Push notifications are short and crisp which means, it is easier to grab the eyeballs sending the relevant content than hooking them up to the long piece of write-ups sent in the name of email marketing.

Choice of Subscription: Push notifications to give away the option of opt-in or opt-out, giving the due weightage to the preference of the clients. Whether a client wants to receive the push notification from a certain source or not is left to the choice of the client. The subscribers are free to make a choice of their source.

On the contrary, email marketing can be annoying at times when you don’t know whether the reader is interested in receiving the marketing emails or not. So if you think the marketing done by the way of push notifications seems aggressive in nature, think again.

Cross-Platform: Are you still wondering that sending the push notifications would mean owning an app? Well, it isn’t the case as the option of sending push notifications to the smartphones works from the respective website too.

You just need to make a minor addition to the features of the website and there it goes. You have provisioned the facility of sending the push notifications at the time of your choice.

Personalized Approach: Sending tailored messages in perfect timings helps your business reap the best results from the marketing tactics. Email marketing remains at the back door while the push notifications tick the front bell of your customers at the right time.

Combined with analytics, push notifications can open the gate of opportunities. Whether it is about generating leads or building robust connections with the audience, push notifications offer an array of possibilities for a business to flourish.


React-Native Push Notifications wins an edge over the traditional way of marketing in all aspects. Hitting the bullseye at the right time is what push notifications are best at.

It crosses the barriers of restricted actions (spam folder/trash) and allows you to win over time by letting you make the best use of it.

It secures an edge over winning the trust and likability of a customer, unlike email marketing that in most cases, pesters the client with its frequent promotional emails.

So here is a pro tip for the businesses. If you are willing to move the unconventional path and draw a quick rise in the graph of your business, lay your bet on push notifications and implement them strategically to get the sure-shot results rather than blindly following the redundant ways of marketing.


Author Bio: Wonderpush helps you in growing your business by marking your presence online. It helps you in implementing the react-native push notifications that are capable enough to generate leads.