What the papers say – July 25

What the papers say – July 25

Raging wildfires in Greece and the continuing heatwave in Britain lead the Wednesday papers.

The Times carries a quote from the Greek interior minister calling the fires a “biblical disaster”. The paper also runs a story on Labour MP Sarah Champion being given increased security after condemning cases of sexual abuse of young girls by groups of Pakistani men.

The Daily Telegraph’s main front page picture is of the devastation caused by the fires, while the paper also reports calls for Britain’s treason law to be updated to allow the prosecution of returning jihadists.

What the papers say

The Guardian’s front page is dominated by a dramatic picture of the wildfires, with a story about plans being put into place to ensure there are no food shortages in case of a no-deal Brexit.

The Financial Times carries a story about Theresa May taking control of Brexit talks in a bid to end the “rivalries that have undermined her exit strategy”.

The Metro says the death toll from the Greece wildfires could top 100.

While the i says families died in a traffic jam as they tried to escape to nearby beaches.

The Independent carries a cartoon on its front page as it launches a campaign to give Britons a final say on the Brexit deal.

The Daily Mirror reports that convicted child abductor Craig Sweeney has applied for parole.

While the heat leads The Sun, which reports the planet has been “gripped” by a killer heatwave.

The Daily Mail also reports on the heat, saying that the country is “in meltdown”.

The Daily Express leads with the proposed sale of RAF Scampton, the home of the Red Arrows and the 617 Squadron, also known as the Dambusters.

While the Daily Star says the country is at “boiling point”.


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