What the papers say – October 17

Storm Ophelia – which brought destruction to large swathes of Ireland and parts of the UK on Monday – makes headlines for a second day with eye-catching coverage across the front pages.

However, it appears what caught most photographers’ eyes was not waves crashing into coastal towns, but instead the orange hue caused by winds bringing in Saharan dust.

The Metro leads with the headline Red October – devoting the entire front page to a picture of a crimson sun.

What the papers say – October 17

Another striking image adorns the front of The Times, with their lead story covering the resignation of Andrew Lloyd Webber as a peer, and suggesting new Lords will be given a set 15-year term to cut down on numbers.

Politics also features on the front of the Daily Telegraph, who carry a story about the proposed boundary changes for Westminster elections. The paper says the current distribution of seats is “unfair” and that Prime Minister Theresa May would have taken a small majority in June’s election had the newly-proposed system been in place.

The Daily Mirror carry a story on their front page about Royal Mail, claiming shareholders are paid £500,000 a day.

The Sun leads on a story about police officers spotted on the dodgems at a fair in Hull, calling it a “police farce”.

Brexit is still the word in The Guardian, who claim Brussels has hardened its approach to Britain leaving the 27-member bloc after talks proved “fruitless”.

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