What to Consider when Choosing a Vending Bike

Vending bikes are gradually becoming an essential part of the home services delivery carriage for business activities. Until the last decade, markets and stores were the most commonly used medium for buyers and seller’s economic interaction.

With the continued advancement in mobile technology, coupled with the widespread usage of the internet vis-à-vis the ease of its accessibility, what used to be a face-to-face medium of economic interaction was gradually and almost replaced by an electronic and faceless medium otherwise referred to as ecommerce.

With ecommerce comes the more pronounced usage of home delivery system. Whether as a delivery gesture to an order request or as a street-to-street or house-to-house vending activities, Vending Bikes has come to establish itself as the most effective medium.

Vending Bikes however comes in a bicycle, motorbike, or tricycle categories, and the choice of any of these by a business owner is subject to a number of factors among which includes:

Type of Business:

Every business enterprise can be classified into three distinct major categories (small, medium, and large scale). Of these three categories, a business can either choose to operate a physical store with option for home delivery as ad-on services (commonly found among medium and large-scale enterprises) or operate on a small scale and vend from streets to streets.

The type of product or services being rendered by a particular business is also a strong consideration for whether the company will require a vending bike or a vending tricycle. While a delivery service for an instant food orders to the locality of a particular business area of operation could best be made in a vending bike, such will be impossible to use for an individual that is considering a mobile store business example of which include a refrigerated beer or coffee seller.

To these later category of business owners, a vending tricycle will make a better option as it affords them the opportunity to convey a relatively larger amount of commodities and as well render services while moving from one place to another. It makes the need for a physical location for business operation less required while at same time enhances a mobile store operation.

Your Business Sales Strategy:

The type of sales strategy that is required by a business is also a major consideration when choosing a vending bike type. Every vending bike designs is built for a specific usage and vending activities, and it is very important for a business owner to discern which best suit the sales strategy for the business it has in mind.

To a fruit seller, a fruit bike is the most appropriate to buy and make use of. Same is the case for the beverage, candy, flowers vendors to whom a candy bike, beverages bike or vending tricycle respectively will be most appropriate for consideration.

In addition to these, while a company that operates on virtual orders deliveries can best made do with the ordinary vending bikes for their delivery activities, a vending tricycle is more advisable for a mobile store operation and allow for more informed contribution and decision from the final consumer.

Access to Business Target Locations:

For a company that operates on orders and deliver to a customer that are relatively far from their physical location, a vending tricycle will be the best medium of vending delivery while supply to clients within the vicinity of operation will be best done on a vending bike.

The use of vending bikes and tricycles possess a greater advantage than the conduct of vending activities using cars. This is because vending bikes are more cost effective, can easily be manoeuvred in the face of traffic congestion, its more built to purpose specification (like coffee bikes et al), and its also easier to maintain compared to cars.

Scope of Delivery Operation:

The scope of a business delivery operation is also another consideration to make when a business owner is choosing a vending bike for its delivery activities. This is because most products have short life span and must be properly preserved in the course of the delivery activities if it were to suit consumption.

For a coffee store that deliver to clients within its sphere of operation, an already prepared coffee can be delivered with the use of a normal vending bike. But in a situation where the location is relatively farther and the coffee would get cold or sour before the actual delivery time, it is best for such store to make its operation within such location done in a coffee bike which is a tricycle-modelled carrier that makes it possible for the said coffee to be prepared and handed over to the consumer at its preferred location.

This will not only bring the products and services closer to the immediate consumer but as well enhance the operation of same store in a location that is outrightly different from its sphere of physical presence.

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