What to Do With Used Boxes You Don’t Need Anymore

We’ve all got a few boxes stored somewhere in our homes. Perhaps, you’ve kept them since you moved house or merely happen to be quite the hoarder. Invariably, boxes tend to accumulate rather easily, yet they are difficult to get rid of. Naturally, you want to be a good Samaritan and not throw them out only to have them become a burden on someone else or on the environment. With that said, you’d be surprised just how much you can do with an old cardboard box. To help you organize your home, here are a few tips on what you can do with used boxes that you don’t need anymore.

Donate Boxes to Shelters

If you have recently moved houses, then you are probably left with an abundance of used boxes after you have unpacked. You might want to keep some for other uses; however, there’s too many to store. If that is the case, then consider donating some of these boxes to shelters. They’ll be very grateful as they can utilize them in several ways, and they can never have too many.

Have Them Picked Up by A Box Exchange Company

Another great option for used boxes is to give them to a box exchange. This will make your life much easier as they do all the work for you. As explained by the folks at Thegaylordboxexchange.com, many box exchange companies in the U.S. have great deals on how to dispose of your boxes. You can sell them back to the box exchange or have them picked up and recycled. Either way, you won’t have to lift a finger as they come directly to your house to do your bidding.

Store Them in a Storage Unit

If you aren’t quite sure whether you want to give up your used boxes just yet, then consider storing them in a storage unit. That way, they’re out of your way, but still accessible if you need them. Moreover, you’ll be able to lend them to friends or family who may need to borrow them if they should move house.

Recycle Them

A great way to dispose of used boxes that you don’t need anymore is to recycle them. Recycling has been made easy now and bonus points for practicing environmentally safe habits. You can consider allowing a company to pick up your boxes and recycle them for you, as mentioned above, or you can proceed with the following tips to recycle them yourself.

Use Them for Art and Crafts

If you have children, then boxes are the perfect versatile item for art and crafts. Recycling your box for the sake of the arts is going to have many benefits as it conjures up your kids’ creativity and ambition as well as yours. Use them to make cool and unique photo frames, building a fort, or making really original and fun storage totes with a belt handle to put your kids’ gadgets and gizmos in, among other innovative ideas.

Compost Them

You can compost cardboard boxes if they are taking up space. This can be a very rewarding experience which is why it’s growing more and more popular in the United States. There are many benefits of composting and it is perfect if you have just moved in or need to clean the attic. If you have a proclivity for gardening or hope to find your green thumb, this is a fantastic solution.

Use Them to Protect Your Floors When Painting

If you have a flair for simplicity, then recycle your boxes in ways that you can utilize. For instance, if they are all lying around since you’ve moved to a new home, you might be tempted to paint your new place to make it unequivocally yours. Add your own personal touch to the place and place these boxes on the floor to protect it from paint spills.

Make Drawer Dividers

Turn your boxes into repurposed drawer dividers. You can paint and decorate them as you please so that they’re nice and colorful and use them to divide spaces in your drawers or even your shelves. You’ll be making your home more organized and it’ll look mighty bright and pretty.

Use Them for Storage

Another simple solution is to use them for storage. Every home has a bit of clutter that they don’t want to put on display so, with that said, place all the items you don’t regularly use away in boxes so that they aren’t affecting the view and ambiance of your home.

Keep Them for Shipping

Another option is to keep them for shipping. It is a guaranteed way to ensure whatever you ship off is securely and safely sealed. This is particularly helpful if you are sending some fragile gifts and are afraid the receiver won’t find them in one piece after the journey. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of duct tape and bubble wrap for utmost security.

Make a Playhouse for Your Pet

Lastly, this adorable idea will keep your pet busy for hours and have them feeling like they’ve got their own little territory to reside in. Ensuring that you can securely create this DIY project, you can make a fun cat play tower or a tunnel for your dog. However, always proceed with thorough research before attempting to build something for your pet so that you can ensure it is sturdy and safe.

Clearly, these useful and versatile items can be repurposed for many things. You can test your DIY skills and create pet play homes or get creative and crafty as you redesign your box. You can consider a myriad of options for storage, from placing them in a storage unit to storing away all your just-in-case items. Furthermore, you can utilize these handy items by placing them on the floor when attempting projects around the house such as painting the walls or getting your kids immersed in the arts with lots of sticky glue and glitter. And finally, you can always donate or recycle with the help of a box exchange company.