What to Expect From a Facial

If you had the chance to pick the brain of a world-renowned make-up artist, a celebrity hairstylist or a dermatologist at the top of his or her field, what would you ask them?

As beauty editors, we’re fortunate enough to get one-on-one time with the industry’s finest, and the tips and tricks we pick up are too good to keep to ourselves.

Here, Angela Jia Kim, founder of natural skincare line Savor Beauty and New York-based Savor Spas, shares what to expect at a facial and why the treatment shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions.

Take it from her: Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor Beauty and Spa, details what to expect during and after a facial

Your skin might not look perfect immediately following a facial. 

While some get facials to get rid of zits and redness, it’s not uncommon to experience both after a treatment.

‘If there is a build-up of toxins or an imbalance of oil, your skin may experience “purging” a day or two after the facial,’ said Angela of why breakouts occur post-treatment.

Additionally, rosiness and irritation can be caused by ‘increased circulation from the exfoliation, massage, masking and extractions.’ The redness should subside within a few hours, Angela noted.

‘It’s best to keep the face clean after and not try to cover up [with make-up],’ said Angela.

In other words, avoid planning events like a date or an important meeting following a trip to the spa. Savor Spa even recommends that brides schedule their final facial before the big day a week out.

Just because your skin looks clear doesn’t mean it totally is.

‘What may not be visible to you may be visible to an esthetician who is examining your skin under the magnifying lamp,’ Angela said.

Often, a facialist will steam skin to soften hardened oil and loosen up debris you might not have realized was lurking in your pores.  

Not just for celebrities like Cindy Crawford: Angela created a facial club at her spa to make getting a treatment once a month more affordable

Not just for celebrities like Cindy Crawford: Angela created a facial club at her spa to make getting a treatment once a month more affordable

Facials aren’t just for special occasions or to relieve stress.

‘While they can be tremendously enjoyable, great facials are also results-oriented, often healing common skincare issues and keeping pores clear and balanced,’ said Angela.

Instead of a luxury, she views facials as  ‘necessary maintenance’ and recommends that her clients come in every four weeks as the skin turnover cycle lasts for 28 days.  

Facial menus don’t have to be daunting.

If you’re new to the world of facials, spa menus can be confusing. Do you need a detox facial? A peel? A microcurrent treatment? 

If her skin is dry, Angela will schedule an exfoliating microdermabrasion facial. If it’s dull, she’ll go for a peel that boosts cellular turnover. For sagging skin, she likes her spa’s microcurrent facial ‘to strengthen the facial muscles and improve elasticity’. 

Talk to your esthetician about your skin needs and goals to determine the best option for you. 

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