What to Know About Owning and Operating an International Resort

If you’re looking to get into the international resort business, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you build a property from the ground up or purchase an existing one.

Roughly 11% of the U.S. population relocated in 2017, some of those to pursue international businesses. How you manage that property and what you offer guests will determine who visits the property and what clientele you bring in the door.

Keep reading for tips to be successful in your business.

Know What Standards You Need To Meet

Some standards must be legally met by codes and ordinances in many international countries. Outside those standards, you may have your own that you strive to obtain to attract certain guests to your property.

If you want to bring in elite guests, strive for standards in place of five-star hotels and resorts worldwide. If you’re considering Western guests, you want your resort to model like a Western resort.

Understand International Laws

Every country has its laws in place, so before you start a business in another country, make sure that you can do so legally and that your business can meet the legal criteria and provide the same standards you want to offer your guests.

You need to know the laws on crime, consequences, and anything related to guests and the activities they can do while on your property.

Decide If You Want to Gate the Property

Some resorts like to keep their property gated, and if you’re putting this resort in an area where the surrounding community is not ideal, you may need to have a gate around the property.

This will allow guests to move around the resort freely, knowing that others not allowed on the property can’t get in. Unfortunately, some locals in these countries are not fond of resort life or will attempt to take advantage of the guests.

Maintain Landscaping

To have a top-tier resort internationally, you need to keep up with the landscaping on the property. Resorts have large properties, so there is enough work to keep a team busy throughout the week, monitoring the grounds and keeping the resort attractive.

You don’t have to invest in many different tools, just the basics they need to get the job done and keep the area green all year. For green landscaping, a soaker hose no more than 100 feet long will be your best option.

Understand Types of Currency

As an international resort, you can take different types of currency from your guests.

You will want to use the local currency but also more common global currencies currently, like the Euro and the American dollar, which will be some of the most popular you find with your guests.

Until 1933, America operated on the “gold standard,” meaning the Federal Reserve was required to back a portion of the currency it issued with gold, which is why the dollar is held so high.

Choose a Demographic

As an international resort, you have a great opportunity to decide your resort. You can offer a full-family resort with activities, dining, and rooms for families with small children and teenagers.

You also have the chance to make an adult-only resort, where you can open it to anyone 21 and older and offer experiences that are only for adults. The choice is yours and should be based on the audience you want to attract to your resort.

There are some things you will need to keep in mind before you start your international resort but know that this is a great business venture, and with the right steps and standards in place, it can be very successful. Build a plan first on where you want your resort to go.

You’ll be set up for success once you know where you’re headed.