What You Need to Know About Axe Throwing

Axe throwing has become very popular over the last couple of years, with people realizing this is an exhilarating sport.

Those who are yet to start may feel a bit anxious. After all, you are literally throwing an axe at a target. There’s no need to panic. With guidance and the right tools, anyone can enjoy this sport. 

What Is the Age Limit?

This is an important question, considering most people would like to make this a family activity. Thankfully, there isn’t an age limit. However, most places recommend the youngest thrower be at least ten years old.

This ensures they have what it takes to throw the axe at the target.

Most locations require minors to be accompanied by a guardian or parent who can sign a liability release form. Families planning this activity can contact the Dueling Axes cocktail lounge in Las Vegas and ask about age restrictions before going with their kids.

Show Up Early if You Need Training

First-timers should show up early for safety training. They will find coaches who will take them through the basics for at least 15 minutes. Doing so works well because they will enjoy their session uninterrupted without asking instructors questions every few minutes.

Most instructors are also servers. They will take your order and give you throwing tips and suggestions for the games.

Think Before Picking an Axe

Considering how axe throwing has become the new league sport, it’s only natural that more people will want to try it. But before starting the game, it’s good to know the tools of battles. Axes come in different shapes, sizes and weights.

The choice of weapon will determine how the game will go. The standard axes you will encounter include the hatchet, tomahawk, and double-bit axe. Instructors are always ready to help newbies choose the right axe.

The Two-Handed Technique is Suitable for Newcomers

For beginners, the goal is to get the axe to stick in the wood. Once they have that figured out, they can start working on hitting the target. That means getting a good grip should be their first concern.

However, don’t grip the axe too hard, as letting go becomes harder.

Axe Throwing Safety Is Very Important

When throwing axes, the number one priority is safety.

Before throwing the axe, ensure no one is in the way. If it’s a group of people throwing axes together, they should always throw the axes and retrieve them together. Such synchronicity ensures no one gets hurt.  

Try to Be Patient Despite a Few Failures

Most people say that axe throwing is like starting a business. It’s natural for people to fail a few times. Chances are that they will miss the target the first several times. That’s not enough reason to give up. Like most things, this sport has a learning curve.

Being patient ensures you’ll enjoy the sport and get better.

A Solid Stance Makes a Huge Difference

Footing should always be stable, solid, and balanced. Moving the whole body, that is, the arm, axe, hand, and feet, towards the target, can reduce the margin of error. Always ensure the blade is perfectly aimed toward the target.

Axe throwing is a great cardio activity that helps with stress relief. Beyond that, it’s a social activity and a chance to make friends. Anyone considering it can use these tips to understand the sport better.