WhatsApp down on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp users across the country are unable to send New Years messages to their friends and family after the messaging app crashed.

According to Down Detector’s outage map the technical difficulties are affecting millions of people across Europe, India, Malaysia, the US and Brazil. 

In the UK the website claims users have been unable to send messages since 6.42pm.

WhatsApp is down, leaving millions across the globe unable to send messages to loved ones 

With just hours to go until Britain sees in the New Year, people have been taking to social media panicked it will affect their 2018 celebrations.

One user wrote: ‘Whatsapp not working in the uk!!! what’s going on?’

Another said: ‘Anyone else experiencing a whatsapp crash? i guess too many new year messages.’

Posting on Twitter another commented: ‘Hello whatsapp is the only app on my phone rn and it’s not working happy new year.’

The messaging app, owned by Facebook, has not yet commented on the outage. 

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