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When Should Parents go to Assisted Living Instead of Home Care?

Deciding to move out of a long time residence is never easy for senior citizens. It is evident that when a senior needs help with his or her daily living, the person needs some assisted aid. Nowadays, senior citizens have many choices in forms of old age homes, assisted living centers, nursing homes, and even traditional rest homes. Out of all the previously mentioned options, assisted living is becoming the most preferred option selected by the senior citizens or their loved ones.

Assisted Living and Home Care Settings

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Apart from the fact that most old parents would choose their homes in their last years, there are more cons to this fact than the positives. The personnel in the assisted living facilities are ready for any circumstance during the day or night. They are trained medically and have adequate experience with seniors.

In regards to the home care, the frequent ambulance rides and check-ups do not come easy for a senior person. Such now and then hassle can itself cause a senior person to collapse at specific points. Also, the care provided in the community centers varies according to the locality, which becomes a major contributor to the person’s health and well-being. Home care in Bronx can be tedious for the working people in the house, and it can act as a shackle option for someone who lives on their own. Owing to these factors, an assisted living with trained personnel is crucial for an ageing parent.

Assisted living is suitable for:

  • An independent person, except for the incapability to prepare meals and take care of their fundamental well-being in the household
  • A person who is incapable of driving to a doctor in case of any significant health issues
  • It is perfect for someone who aims to scale back and anticipates aid with household work
  • A senior couple living on their own
  • Situations where one senior is not able to carry out the essential household work
  • Someone who is physically or mentally disabled and needs assistance

What Does Assisted Living Include?

An assisted living service provider should provide and coordinate the necessary health services

  • Aid in local travel
  • Necessary housekeeping activities
  • Emergency contact arrangements
  • Constant companionship is a prime aid
  • Daily programs and activities to keep the residents fit
  • It should offer 24-hour supervision in light to avoid any discrepancy
  • Continuous monitoring of the residents’ health and provide essential medical care
  • Storage, administration, and replenishing of the prescription and over-the-counter medications
  • Scheduling appointments with medical staff for regular check-ups

Medical Care Coupled With Assisted Living

With assisted living, the senior citizens can enjoy the array of benefits they provide to aid the seniors in making their retirement years comfortable and secure. Apart from the meals and primary care, they give the best medical care to its residents. Most of these service providers will install medical alert systems at the pain points in the house to keep them updated about the well-being of all the seniors simultaneously.

Assisted Living Services or Assisted Living Centers?

Most of the assisted living communities and service providers aim at offering both services and stay to a senior citizen. These providers have their centers where you can comfortably move in. If not, these companies also have their personal assistants, home care assistants, as well as assistants for specific disease areas, including dementia, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular, terminal illness, high blood pressure, diabetes, among others.

Do You Need Regular Care or Intensive Care?

Assisted living can be of two types, regular and intensive. Regular care is for a person who needs assistance with daily activities. On the other hand, the intensive care option is specifically for people who are incapable of performing actions on their own, owing to mental or physical impairment.

Telehealth and Homecare

With the advent of new technologies, medical and care centers are readily getting inclined to telehealth’s different modes. It offers care centers with numerous benefits distantly. Assisted living centers have also incorporated these techniques to provide the best service to their communities. Person-centered care is crucial for a senior citizen or a disabled patient, and telehealth aids in fulfilling the indispensable needs.

In light to provide the best possible services to the people, assisted living centers are actively involved in creating awareness and updating the quality of their services. In addition to that, regulatory authorities are also getting involved to ensure that assisted living facilities give every citizen in need adequate support. Assisted care centers are doing their best to ensure a healthy and safe environment to the senior, as well as to provide a complete care package to them. With all the benefits it offers, these centers are sure to become the perfect aging place for seniors.

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