When Should You Call a Plumber for Kitchen, Bathroom, And Shower Issues

So you may have some plumbing problems, but what problems are they exactly? Are the problems that you can tackle yourself? Or is it a problem that you may need to call a certified plumber for?

Well, that’s the main question you have to face when it comes to plumbing. In this article, we’re going to give you some advice and answer the real question of when should you call a plumber for kitchen, bathroom, and shower issues.

Kitchen – No Plumber

If your kitchen sink has slow drains, and you don’t have a garbage disposal, or even if your drains seem to be clogged only in the sink, you may be facing a plumbing challenge, but it is possible that you may have debris that can be knocked down with a sink plunger.

Try doing this first, as it is a very common problem since kitchen drains are often smaller and have more curves in the pipes.

However, if that doesn’t work, or if you have a garbage disposal that needs to be changed out properly, or even worse if your kitchen drain is actually backing up due to water drainage in other areas of your home, then you may need to call a plumber.

Hidden Water Leaks

Water leaks are no problem for most people, and even the common man can often fix or perform small repairs when it comes to water leaks.

But if it actually is causing the issue to escalate into things like water damage, or you start to notice that around your home is especially wet and underneath it (crawl spaces holding more water than they should, pipes leaking underneath your home, or even worse.

If you start to notice water standing and seeping up from the ground), these can be a serious issue and can result from hidden water main leaks, as well as even drains leaking from the underground area of your home.

Common problems that exist are broken sewer pipes under the ground, as well as water main leaks which may more importantly still be yours and not the city’s problem (if it is between your house and the water meter, most residential areas consider this to be the problem of the homeowner).

Aside from this, you may even have issues with pipe corrosion or need something repaired like a hot water heater, or even worse, bathroom plumbing like toilets leaking and not flushing. If your toilet is leaking and you notice the floor around your toilet getting wet, make sure it flushes.

If it doesn’t, you may have an underlying sewer problem, and if it does flush fine, but there is still some water leakage, you may just need to replace the wax ring under your toilet, which if you have experience, you might be able to perform yourself.

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What About Certifications?

Always make sure that when you find a plumber, you check his credentials. A good plumber will gladly show you their license and insurance, as well as fact that many states have websites where you can find contractor licenses.

Because of this, you may want to check into that too. You can see that if you have someone claiming they’re a plumber, and offering an extremely low price, they are usually just looking for a quick buck.

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