When to apply stretch mark oil

Stretch marks some times are time-sensitive and knowing when to apply stretch mark oil or creams may mean the difference between having them and not having them. It might also limit the severity of your stretch marks.

So, when is the best time to apply stretch mark oil? This largely depends on what is causing your stretch marks but before we get to that lets first look at the types of stretch marks.

Types of stretch marks

Depending on when or how long ago stretch marks formed, there are two major categories of stretch marks.

Red stretch marks

These are newly formed stretch marks. They appear red or purplish. The reason that these stretch marks are red is that when the middle dermis layer of the skin tears up, which is how stretch marks form, the blood vessels in your skin are exposed, hence the red color. This is the same reason why stretch marks can sometimes appear swollen or raised when they are newly formed.

Red stretch marks are easier to treat than white stretch marks. It goes without saying that if you want a chance to treat stretch marks; this is the best time to act. When the stretch marks are at this stage they are easy to treat by increasing the level of collagen in your skin.

White stretch marks

White stretch marks are what red stretch marks gradually turn into if left untreated. White stretch marks cannot be treated with stretch mark oils and you may need to seek an alternative treatment method.

The best time to use stretch mark oil for treatment is when they are still at the red stage. You have a higher chance of treating them at that point.

Stretch mark treatment should, however, come after prevention has failed. You will have more success at preventing them than when treating them. If you can stop them from forming in the first place, you would be in a much better place.

The best time to use stretch mark oil for the prevention of their appearance depends on what is likely to cause your stretch marks. Although there are other reasons one can get stretch marks, let’s look at when to use the oil to prevent them during pregnancy and muscle building.

When to use stretch mark oil during pregnancy

A majority of women get stretch marks during pregnancy. They are part of the life making process. However, using oil and creams can prevent them from appearing if you know when to start using them.

Mostly pregnancy stretch marks start appearing in the second trimester. That is from week 13 onwards. If you want to get in front of this situation, you need to start applying stretch mark oil earlier than that to prepare your skin for the forthcoming changes well in advance.

The earlier you start using stretch mark oils, the more you have a chance at preventing the stretch marks from appearing. Most pregnant women start as soon as they know they are pregnant to boost the collagen levels around the abdominal area, which is the part of the body affected most.

Tips to increase the performance of the oil during pregnancy


Research conducted on bitter almond oil and its effectiveness at preventing stretch marks during pregnancy showed that massaging the oil into the skin considerably lessens your chance of getting stretch marks.

Just applying the oil helps but not as much as massaging the belly with it. Take at least 10 minutes to massage the stretch mark oil into your skin every day, and you will realize better results.


Exfoliation is the removal of dead skin cells. It is an ancient practice but one that is still very viable today. Exfoliation helps increase collagen levels as well as increases the skin’s elastic capacity, and this helps a lot in the prevention of stretch marks. You should get yourself an exfoliation product for this task.

Prevention of stretch marks during muscle building

Weight loss and muscle building is another reason you might get stretch marks. This is because the skin can get overstretched by the added muscle mass. To prevent them from appearing on your skin, you should get yourself some stretch mark oil when you start intense workouts. Also, you should generally take good care of your skin by moisturizing and staying hydrated.

In conclusion

It’s possible to treat stretch marks, but it is way easier to prevent them from appearing in the first place by taking good care of your skin and using oils to hydrate your skin and maintain high levels of collagen in your skin.

It’s also worth noting that taking care of your skin internally by eating a skin-friendly diet at any time will spare you a lot of external cosmetic procedures. Skin health is a two-sided coin like that. Don’t neglect either side.