Where is the Cheapest Place to Live in Malta?

Real estate is a good investment as far as Malta is concerned. If you are searching for an affordable spot to purchase property or live in Malta, you are in the right place! Depending on the location, you can find a place to rent or buy in Malta that is within your budget.

Whether you’re searching for a conventional home or a modern condo, there are a lot of great choices accessible. So, if you are keen on finding out more about where to lock down the best deals on property in Malta, you may want to consult a property management company.

Top 4 Affordable Locations in Malta

Malta is a beautiful country with amazing places to stay but your budget will always be a factor.

Here are some of the best places in Malta to find affordable properties:


Situated right outside Valletta, Sliema is a perfect spot for investors searching for high rental yields and potential capital growth due to its central location. This makes it within easy reach of attractions and nightlife in Valletta and other urban communities such as Mdina and Mosta.

Property prices range from €300,000 for a two-room condo to around €3,000,000+ for bigger properties such as townhouses or villas.


Rabat, located right outside Mdina, is another region worth looking at for affordable property choices in Malta. This beguiling town is saturated with history, with tiny winding streets, customary houses, and a serene climate.

While property prices in Rabat have skyrocketed over the years, they are still quite affordable compared to other towns nearby. Rabat offers a range of property types, including condos and houses with conventional Maltese highlights.

These provide a special residing experience to inhabitants.


This is a sister island to Malta. Gozo gives a calmer way of life than its bigger neighbor yet also brings a lot to the table, including beachside towns, fishing towns, and enchanting town squares.

Here, prices will be lower than those found in Malta, with two-room lofts beginning from €250,000 or even less, depending on the area. For instance, Marsalforn is one of the most famous towns for real estate speculation, with prices ranging from around €170,000 for a one-room condo near the ocean side.


Qormi, always called the “Heart of Malta,” is a customary town located in the focal part of the island. Despite its central location, the costs of property in Qormi remain moderately affordable compared to other regions.

The location provides a mix of old and new properties, with nice condos and modern lofts ready for purchase. Qormi is famous for its community spirit and dynamic local occasions, making it an alluring choice for those looking for a genuine Maltese encounter.


With economic vulnerability approaching, now is the right moment to invest in property in Malta (and Gozo). You just have to take a gander at the locations above to perceive how prices have consistently increased over recent years. All evidence suggests a continuation of this pattern.

Sure, seeing annual capital growth of 6%, it might come as a shock that some people know the specific regions of the market. Some could bring about much more significant yields, up to 15%. Finally, reach out to Airbnb Sliema Malta for good accommodation.