Where to Find the Cheapest Uncontested Divorce Papers in Oklahoma

Some people decide to get lawyers when it comes to filing for a divorce, even if they don’t need one! Hiring an un-needed lawyer is one of the biggest mistakes that a person can make – this results in them having to pay extensive court costs, and gives them a bad bill with a lawyer that is more expensive than they really need to pay. One way that a person can get this done properly without having to pay extra fees is to simply get the right form from an uncontested divorce mediator service. We’ve found the best one in Oklahoma, and there are many reasons why you can benefit from them!

Your Divorce Can be Faster.

While it may still take some time in the court system for your divorce to be finalized, it seems to take longer – sometimes months – before your divorce is completed when you get a lawyer involved unnecessarily. While you can’t just get a divorce overnight, it can be a lot faster if you are getting the documents for an uncontested divorce, and just doing everything you need yourself.

Oklahoma Allows the Ex-Spouse a Grace Period

Another thing that a person needs to realize, is that in Oklahoma, you have to wait at least a day before taking the divorce papers to be signed by your soon-to-be ex. Some states allow immediate dissolution and signature, while others actually make you wait longer. If you hire a lawyer, it can sometimes be even longer before your divorce papers are delivered to the spouse, even months, because you have to go by their schedule of availability. By getting the documents notarized yourself and taking the paperwork to the county clerk on your own (in your county only).

If Children Are Involved

Of course, there’s more paperwork that’s often involved, but even if you have children, you can still get an uncontested divorce. Once you have the parenting plan, child support plan, and resolve custody issues with your spouse, you can just file the paperwork with all of that without an attorney. One thing to realize is that you can hire a mediation service to help you meet in the middle with your spouse.

Why the Right Form Processing Company Can Help

When you are getting a divorce, your whole life usually feels like everything’s a mess. Therefore, it’s important that you have a company that can understand you and help you get through things smoothly. That’s what a divorce form supplier can do for you when they help you get an uncontested divorce. By having everything done for you and explained, you simply have to file the paperwork, and then the company can handle it so you aren’t alone.


If you’re looking for a divorce that is both uncontested, and plays out better than it would if you handled it yourself or with an attorney, then you should hire a company that can provide you with the cheapest uncontested divorce papers in Oklahoma. They are usually focused on family and divorce mediation so you can make both sides of the transition a happier one.