Which are the Best Memetic Cryptocurrencies That Rival Dogecoin’s Popularity?

Think about Dogecoin as a brilliant illustration of the effects of digital investments. It started as a joke on Reddit in 2013 and has now developed into a billion-dollar asset that anybody can invest in. But what’s this?

Not all cryptocurrencies are inspired by memes, including Dogecoin.

If you’re thinking about investing in additional well-known meme cryptocurrencies, have a look at these. So, if you are into crypto investments, you must consider knowing about attackers and defenders for cryptocurrencies.


This parody cryptocurrency was growing so quickly that it briefly surpassed Dogecoin in value. Introducing PooCoin, also known as POOCOIN, a cryptocurrency that first appeared in March 2021 and had ambitious goals to be “the next Dogecoin.”

Even while it’s still a little mysterious, one thing is certain: it wants to make its very own app on the Binance Smart Chain more functional. PooCoin is rapidly gaining investor attention, much like its humor cryptocurrency counterparts, suggesting a bright future as a potential Dogecoin replacement.

Pirate Chain

Introducing Pirate Chain, trading under the witty symbol ARRR. Another meme cryptocurrency has emerged, demonstrating the industry’s astounding growing rate. This cryptocurrency launched in 2018 with the specific goal of serving as a private transfer currency.

Pirate Chain provides private and anonymous peer-to-peer transactions on the blockchain by using a unique code called ZK-Snarks. This secrecy keeps your purchases hidden and the contents of your wallet a mystery from inquisitive eyes in addition to preventing double-spending.


You read that right—there is a cryptocurrency dedicated to none other than Elon Musk himself. In case you missed it, Musk has frequently and jokingly joked about Dogecoin in his tweets. These tweets increased the value of the meme cryptocurrency sharply.

Unexpectedly, Musk tweeted in March 2021 that all future problems surrounding him should be called “Elongate.”

This whimsical idea gave rise to Elongate, a distinctive coin that runs on the Binance platform and with the slogan “frictionless, high yield, deflationary.”

The goal of Elongate, according to its website, is to combine cryptocurrencies and charitable giving through the use of passive transaction fees and active donations. Elongate may be purchased on exchanges like Pancakeswap and Blockfolio, and then safely stored in the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet.


The growth of MonaCoin, commonly known as MONA, in 2014 made it one of the most well-known meme cryptos available. MonaCoin was created by an Internet user known only as “Mr Watanabe,” and it has become the most popular meme cryptocurrency in Japan.

Even some offline and online retailers in Japan accept it as a form of payment. The ASCII art cat meme, which shows text letters in an image, is where MonaCoin received its name.

MonaCoin moves quickly, generating new blocks in approximately 1.5 minutes as opposed to the 2.5 and 10 minutes required by major competitors like Bitcoin and Litecoin. This not only translates to less expensive transactions but also to a greener atmosphere.

Why is being eco-friendly the focus? because using cryptocurrencies can be harmful to the environment. MonaCoin has a small house while having a rapid block time. Electrum MONA and Coinomi are two external e-wallets where you can now store them.


This is where Garlicoin, or GRLC, comes in. It was developed in response to a Reddit post from approximately 2013.

A cunning person going by the handle u/DigitalizedOrange issued a challenge: if their post received more than 30,000 upvotes, they would create a meme cryptocurrency. The internet delivered, giving birth to Garlicoin, as we all know.

Garlicoin has a quick block time of only 40 seconds, despite having Litecoin’s source code. The creators of this meme have made it clear that it is not for mining equipment designed specifically for cryptocurrencies.