Which Essay Writing Companies Are Usually Chosen By American Students?

In modern history, students that are willing to improve their education often have headaches with their essays. As they are an unavoidable part of students’ studying nowadays, the use of writing services is becoming famous. The only question that students struggle to find an answer about it is related to which essay writing company to choose. The online market is full of competitors and because of it, students could be found in ungrateful situations. The selection part will eventually come and they have to be decisive and choose the right one. So, let’s see which companies provide essay writing services students usually choose.


According to the essay review service, WriteMyPapers is among the list of the 3 most chosen essay writing services at the moment. This site represents one of the rarely reliable websites associated with the reviews of the writing companies. As this essay writing service is on their list, it must mean there is a big reason for it, right? Well, let’s checkout and see what this company has to offer to the students.

Something characteristic of WriteMyPapers is that they are offering only the services of professional writers. Do you wonder why this fact is mentioned in the first place? The answer is about to come shortly. People that are not well familiar with the work of writing companies would be probably thinking about how they are hiring only professionals to work for them.

Unfortunately for them, the reality is a little bit different. On a lot of occasions, writing companies will offer a student or a volunteer that is currently getting their experience by working for them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a writing company works only with experts. But this company does and that is what makes her special to the students.

Also, their customer support is always available and prepared to help the students in need. If you are considering this writing service to hire for your essay, you must know that they strive to offer only the highest standards of academic pieces of texts. By providing an option like this, WriteMyPapers makes you ensured the quality of their writers.

Here, you can find the writers that will do the job starting from zero. It is not a rare case that some writing companies offer writers that don’t know how to write from scratch. This one is not among them though. What can be particularly interesting for the students is, of course, the price. On this website, you can find the starting price of only $11.99 which is considered quite affordable.


When the turn of choosing the writing company comes, students also often pick MyAdmissionEssay. Today, there are numerous types of essays that students might need. From dissertations, and homework help, to the admissions. If you think that the name of this writing company is created blindly, you are seriously delusional. In contrast, it is focused mostly on the providing of admission essays. Just to be clear, dozens of other essay types are at their disposal on this website too.

The writers at this company are fully aware that providing a single type of essay wouldn’t be enough to achieve success. The point is that they are just expertise in admissions but can provide excellent results in all other essay categories. MyAdmissionEssay is a company with almost 4000 professional writers at their disposal. A quite phenomenal number, isn’t it?

The ordering process is similar to the majority of essay writing services. You just need to submit your order, fill all the required fields, choose the way of payment, download a piece for you, and wait for the delivery. But something that students like about this company is the possibility of using revisions, up to 3 per essay. It is more than enough for the students who know exactly what they are looking for.

Some companies are more rigorous with it and will offer you only 1 or even none. Furthermore, the prices are very affordable too. Students consider this company as satisfying as the price range usually starts from $11 which is not too expensive for their limited budgets.


According to the essay examiner, PaperHelp is ranked as the number one in the American students’ selection of the website companies. The truth is that in the USA, there are over 100 registered writing companies online that are fighting for their place among the stars. In such competition and a massive range of choices, it is not an easy task to pick the one that fits the most. Every student has his way of measurement and evaluation of the writing services’ qualities. Satisfying their requirements is the priority of all the companies related to essay writing.

The reason and motivation upon which the student decides what company is the right fit is the same as the demands of a bride before the wedding. Everything has to be on the right spot and nowhere else. PaperHelp is there to help you reach that. Being the rank 1 brings many responsibilities and surprises. Some are pleasant while some can be totally diverse. But this writing company often takes care of proving the spot they are on.

The ordering process on the website of this company is not so simple. You must be aware that it is not created that way to confuse you but to provide a large scale of options to the customers. The variety and complexity of the writing service is something that students usually pay attention to, more than expected. When they are about to hire the writer, they would like to see the availability of options they have. And that is where PaperHelp is perhaps the strongest.

Various types of essays are open for purchase at this website. When you visit it, you cannot miss the slogan that says “universal writing solution”. It alludes to the flexibility and prevalence of PaperHelp services. Also, prices are cheap too. For only $10, students can get their essay on a desirable due date. Can you imagine a better scenario? Probably not.


From reading the data above, you can clearly conclude on your own why American students usually choose one of these 3 writing essay companies to hire. Each of them, like all the others, has something to attract them. It is like the known “hook” that writers often look to use in their texts. These services stand out from others in the eyes of the students in the USA. But it is not fair to say that if the name of some writing company is not on this list, it cannot provide similar quality. In the end, it is up to students and their criteria to decide which one to choose.