Which Seat is Safest for Passengers?

We all have our favorite seat in the car. Whether yours is shotgun or one in the back row, the primary reason for such partiality to car seats is comfort. Yet, most passengers are unaware that one specific seat is preferable to the rest, not solely because of convenience but also safety. Researchers have recently discovered that sitting in one area of the car can be 59-86% safer than being positioned elsewhere. Maximize yours and your family’s safety for the next drive by reading on and learning more about your vehicle’s back row.

Which Seat is the Safest to Sit In?

According to an important passenger safety report, certain vehicle seats are significantly more predisposed to danger than others. Sitting in a certain area within the car increases a passenger’s chances of being killed or injured in an accident. Specifically, it was found that those sitting in the back row are 59-86% safer than those in front. Still, even in the backseat, the chance of fatality or injury vary depending on where exactly in the row a passenger is positioned.

Passengers seeking to maximize the back seat’s safety should choose to sit in the middle, as this was determined to be the safest spot in the car during an auto collision. This location was deemed 25% safer than the other seats in the back row. (Studies differ in the exact percentage of security, based on the passenger. For instance, a Pediatrics study revealed that babies from newborns to three-year-old toddlers are 43% safer in the rear middle seat than anywhere else.)

The key reasons for this are described below:

  • Passengers in the middle backseat are the perfect distance away from all critical impact points in the cabin.
  • This spot experiences the least rotational force in the vehicle – a central element in rollover crashes.

Though the rear middle seat has been scientifically proven to be the safest, sitting here is not all you should do to protect yourself in the event of a crash.

Other Ways to Keep Yourself Safe in an Auto Accident

Certain actions you take can lower your risk of injury or death if an accident were to occur:

  • Do not tense up. Passengers that allow their bodies to tense up during a collision are far more likely to become injured. Further, their injuries are likely to be worse than others’. Tensing up often results in fractures and other such severe wounds.
  • Secure all belongings in the car. Don’t have heavy or hazardous objects lying around in the car. Store them in the trunk if possible, or tuck them under a seat. (This will prevent them from flying around and potentially hitting you in a collision.)
  • Get to a safe location. Do your best to avoid any ripple effects, such as another vehicle crashing into you or the other car. Pull over to the shoulder as soon as possible (and carefully).

Unfortunately, even those who take all these precautions can still be harmed in an auto accident. If this has been the case for you, get in touch with a car accident lawyer today. They will ensure that you secure the compensation you need to recover from your injuries and financial impacts.