Which sports are the easiest to predict?

Did you know that the global gambling market is worth $500 billion? Unlike any other gambling forms, such as roulette and slots, sports gambling will mostly depend on how much you know about the teams and players. The more knowledge, the better your chance becomes at winning the bet, unlike card games, which involve mostly a lot of luck.

Even though there are so many sports games available, not all games are easy to predict. Having said that, you are able to find out which sports you can predict and perhaps make money if you win. Read on to find out more…


Even if it happens to sound strange, football betting does exist. Losing a football bet would mean losing several million, but you get to win big if you do win. Football betting is not difficult at all; however, that does not mean that everybody gets to win their bets. If you do not have the right betting tips for football, your odds will likely be reasonably low. However, the good thing is that if you have the right tips, you have an 80% chance of winning some money. To win your bets, it is better to stick with single bets. This is how you get to maximize your value.

Horse Racing

The second most popular sports betting is horse racing. Although not as popular as football, you can give it a shot. There aren’t many websites that offer horse racing predictions, but those who do are mostly genuine. Initially, you will find horse racing prediction a bit challenging, but the more you start to bet, the better you will become, and you will start to gain experience. You will get to understand which horse will let you win the race. Plus, there are racing tipsters available online as well.


Tennis prediction is another popular sports prediction. Even though there are only a few tennis tournaments taking place during the year each year, you can still bet on the dominating players in the early stages, which will let you win big! Top stars like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal are great players to keep an eye on. Do note, however, that in tennis, you will have to bet big, to win big. The reason why you will need to bet big is that the outcomes are mostly known, so it’s a first come first serve situation!


Just like with football, you can bet well in cricket because the bets are relatively easy to win in this sport. The main thing is that you will have to take out some time to understand the team and members, who the top players are, how each of their performances have been in the last matches, and then you can make your predictions accordingly. Even in cricket, you will likely come across a few top wins, who mostly win when they play. However, sometimes when you are least expecting them to lose, they do lose. So be wise and be careful.

In the betting world, you will either win or lose; there is no in-between. You should follow one tip on a sport and a team where market odds are relatively low.