Whisky Partners – Can whisky casks really be worth the investment?

As the price of whisky casks continues to grow, an exciting investment opportunity awaits you. Whether you’re experienced in cask investment or entirely new to it, “Whisky Partners” make the process a seamless one.

But is it worth buying a cask of whisky? Let’s talk about how fruitful your whisky cask investment could be and the help you’ll receive from “Whisky Partners” along the way.

Is whisky cask investment worth it?

Yes, investing in a whisky cask can prove to be a very savvy financial move.

Every year there is around 13% growth in the market, making it potentially lucrative for those involved. As the flavor and character of the spirit develop over time, so does its value meaning you can expect to make a profit upon selling.

Thanks to the insightful advice from the team at Whisky Partners, your investment decisions will be supported by a wealth of knowledge.

The Asian market for whisky casks looks promising.

The UK/India trade deal is set to unlock a further £1Bn of exports to the country within the next five years,  to complement the already strong British and American markets. The high demand for whisky is only increasing, adding further value to each cask.

Once your whisky has matured in its cask for long enough, its value will grow considerably, making it an undoubtedly wise investment move.

Additionally, because whisky is classified as a wasting asset, it’s exempt from Capital Gains Tax upon its sale, meaning you keep a larger share of the profits than other investment avenues might offer.

Your cask will be stored at a secure bonded warehouse facility whilst it matures, protected by complimentary insurance against accidental damage, fire, and theft.

How you can become involved

No longer is whisky investment an exclusive club for a small few; anyone can begin building their whisky cask portfolio through our online portal and with the help of our Senior Portfolio Managers.

The cask you select for your whisky maturation is important because a lot of the whisky’s flavor is derived from the oak composition of the barrel. Your Whisky Partners advisor will recommend a cask that is right for your individual goals.

As Whisky Partners holds favorable relationships with numerous distilleries across Scotland, those investing with Whisky Partners can take advantage of this. With the guidance of our advisors, you are able to choose the cask that’s right for you at an opportune rate.

Should you opt for a hassle-free way of selling your cask, you can do so directly with Whisky Partners, removing negotiations with third parties and added costs.

Like any investment value, you should buy low and sell high, but knowing which cask to invest in is difficult if you’re not very familiar with the whisky market. This is where Whisky Partners come in; with their input, you’ll be far better equipped to purchase and sell your cask to make your money grow.

Thanks to whisky appreciating well over time, purchasing your casks before they mature could yield a vastly increased amount of money years later.