White Sox fan is seen with his face COVERED in nachos as broadcasters watch on in horror

A Chicago White Sox fan was seen enjoying his bowl of what appeared to be nachos just a little too much on Tuesday night.

In Chicago’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the cameras panned to a fan in the stands whose face was covered in sour cream and cheese sauce.

‘No, no he is not,’ exclaimed one of the White Sox’ announcers in horror.

‘Does he know he’s on camera?’ the announcer then asked – to which his partner replied ‘I doubt it’.

The stunned broadcaster continued: ‘I know the food at the ballpark is good, but that is next level.’

A Chicago White Sox fan was seen with his face covered in nachos on Tuesday night

He was then seen using someone's sweatshirt to wipe the cheese off of his face

He was then seen using someone’s sweatshirt to wipe the cheese off of his face

At one point, the fan was handed a sweatshirt – which he used to wipe all the sauce off of his face. 

‘Wait, he’s using his sweatshirt!’ exclaimed the announcer. ‘Bruh we have napkins all around the concourse, I’m sure someone can bring it to you.’

Social media reaction was shocked but mostly positive for the fan who was enjoying himself a little too much.

‘no, actually, i LOVE to see it,’ wrote one user. ‘this is what sports is all about. this is what makes baseball so beautiful. 

‘only in baseball would there be enough time between moments of action for that progression of events to happen in real time, like a bizarre story-within-a-story. beautiful.’

Another user jokingly tweeted, ‘For the last time, I did NOT go to the Sox game today. Please stop asking me.’

One Blue Jays fan posted, ‘White Sox fans get no judgment from me. We think we suck, but they’ve got a whole other level of it. You gotta do what you gotta do to have fun and stay entertained.’

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