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White supremacists European Australia Movement hold neo-Nazi flag and salute at Hunter Park Mosman

Exposed: Cowardly white supremacists who made neo-Nazi salutes in front of horrified families – and they chose one of Sydney’s safest suburbs for their vile stunt

  • Pictures emerged of extremist meet up at a popular Sydney park on Saturday
  • Men in black with neo-Nazi flag gave Hitler salute in front of families and children
  • Father at the park with his daughter said the display made him shake with anger

A brazen white supremacist group has put on a racist event in one of Sydney’s richest suburbs, leaving local families shocked and angry. 

The far-right group European Australian Movement held up their flag in front of parents and their young children at Hunter Park, Mosman, on Sydney’s north shore just after noon on Saturday. 

A local father told The Mosman Collective he watched on in horror as the group, linked to the neo-Nazi Nationalist Socialist Network, openly made Hitler salutes. 

Pictured: Members of far right group European Australian Movement meeting up at a  Sydney park

‘To have this occur in a local park has made me shake with anger,’ he said.

‘I feel unsafe knowing that people with the capability of extreme violence have been – or are – in our community.

‘To violate little kids who were at the park this way is vile, horrendous and absolutely unforgiveable.’

2GB radio host Ben Fordham weighed in on Tuesday, describing the group as ‘fruitcakes and weirdos’.  

The Mosman local also said there was a ‘weird dynamic’ between five black-clad men and one woman.

The group were walking around a portable BBQ and looked completely out of place and like they didn’t know each other well, he said.

At one point a man who appeared to be the group leader said, ‘Ok, we have to do this, let’s get this done.’

What happened next left onlookers stunned. The group pulled out a neo-Nazi flag holding it up as the single woman of the group took photos.

The five men all in black were pictured with a neo-Nazi flag giving the Nazi salute at Mosman's Hunter Park. 2GB radio host Ben Fordham called the group 'fruitcakes and weirdos'

The five men all in black were pictured with a neo-Nazi flag giving the Nazi salute at Mosman’s Hunter Park. 2GB radio host Ben Fordham called the group ‘fruitcakes and weirdos’

The local man then recalls at least two men giving the Sieg Heil salute at the camera.

A short time later the group walked off and had their individual pictures taken.  

A spokesperson from North Shore Police Area Command confirmed the flag pictured is used by the European Australian Movement (EAM).

The EAM is led by Thomas Sewell, and is a neo-Nazi extreme far right group.

Sewell is a self-confessed white supremacist and member of National Socialist Network. 

Most recently in April he duped a Bavarian beer haul in Docklands into holding a birthday party for Adolf Hitler. 

In that incident he held up a photo of Hitler while other members at the table performed Nazi salutes.