Who WERE the Nord Stream saboteurs?

Who WERE the yacht-sailing Nord Stream saboteurs? A ‘Ukrainian commando’ and ‘government-trained divers’ are suspected of blowing up Putin’s gas pipeline in secret mission from tiny boat, says CHRIS PLEASANCE

On September 26 last year, one of the most brazen and sophisticated attacks of the entire Ukraine war took place with the destruction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

New intelligence leaks from the US and Germany reveal that suspicions have now fallen on a pro-Ukraine sabotage group – allegedly including a ‘Ukrainian Commando’ and ‘government-trained divers.

A flurry of reports last week said investigators have identified six saboteurs – five men and a woman – who could have planted explosives on the pipelines sometime in early September.

Leaks to the German press suggest the group planted the bombs using a yacht rented from a Polish firm which was owned by two Ukrainians.

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